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Magento Websites - Have You Patched SUPEE-8788 Yet?

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 04/11/16 14:28

Last month Magento released SUPEE-8788 to fix a number of security issues – you can read about SUPEE-8788 in detail here.  A LOT of websites have not yet patched and are at risk of being hacked.

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Encryption 101 - How it works. (Part 1)

Posted by Andrew McKenna on 21/10/16 10:17

Written by Andrew McKenna, PCI, PA, P2PE-QSA at Foregenix

When it comes to talking about encryption, it’s important to ensure we’re speaking about the same thing – and to clarify and simplify some of the different implementations we see. Sometimes these are implemented for security and best practice, while other times they are implemented to tick a box. It's important to know the difference between encryption mechanisms, know when to use what and be able to identify and judge the security of particular implementations. This is the first of 2 or more posts.

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Your website may have been hacked - what next?

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 08/10/16 14:49

You suspect your website may have been hacked and your priority is to get your online business back up and running as soon as possible.  With a worldclass team of cybersecurity specialists, we can certainly help you to regain control of your website and secure your client data.

BUT, before you jump into fixing mode, here are a couple of critical steps you need to take to ensure you can handle any enquiries from law enforcement agencies, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and others if it turns out that payment card data has been stolen.

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Questions for a Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Consultant

Posted by Kirsty Trainer on 26/09/16 13:24

As it stands, Foregenix have certified 70% of the current P2PE Applications and 40% of P2PE Solutions globally - so we have our fair share of experience and knowledge in a relatively new market. We asked one of our leading Consultants, Paolo Basilio, a few questions that frequently crop up during the process. 

1.     The growth of interest in Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) has been exponential in the last year and a half. What do you think has influenced this growth?

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WebScan Website Security Results: 12% HACKED, 53% AT RISK

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 31/08/16 09:01

12% of websites that have externally scanned themselves with WebScan had confirmed malicious code stealing their customer payment card data off their website.

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Alert: Magento "Cloud Harvester" Malware Targeting Insecure Websites

Posted by Minaxi Parmar on 04/08/16 09:00

Magento websites are under attack from a new credit card harvesting technique designed to evade detection while harvesting payment card data from major payment processor iframes - a new malware called Magento Cloud Harvester.

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Hacked eCommerce Websites and Self-Notification

Posted by Kirsty Trainer on 15/07/16 11:19

The number of hacked websites losing payment card data is rising rapidly - and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated, stealthy and continue to remain very lucrative for criminals.  You've all probably heard this before and are tired of the rhetoric.  What you may not have heard before is what it means for your online business if your website gets hacked and loses payment card data.  What are the potential liabilities and what is the industry doing to try to curb the loss of payment card data?

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SAQ A & SAQ A-EP - Security & PCI Compliance For eCommerce Businesses

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 05/07/16 08:30

Understanding the PCI DSS and how it relates to a small to medium-sized eCommerce business is the first challenge for most businesses trying to becoming PCI DSS Compliant. With this article we hope to simplify what you need to know, what you need to do and why it is important.

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Alert: Major UK Payment Service Provider iFrame Man-In-The-Middle Breach

Posted by Duncan Slater on 16/06/16 20:42

The Foregenix Digital Forensics and Incident Response Team recently reported a man-in-the-middle attack that we had seen executed against an iFrame redirected payment method.  The attack specifically targeted the iFrame of a popular UK Payment Service Provider (PSP). We have received numerous requests for more detailed information around how the attack was orchestrated – principally as outsourced payment models were considered largely secure – and in that light we present the details of how the attack was accomplished.

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TeamViewer Used to Attack Leading Footwear Retailer

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 10/06/16 09:26

TeamViewer has been all over the news in the last few days with “significant” numbers of  TeamViewer clients expressing/venting on Reddit, Twitter and other social media channels.  TeamViewer has denied that there has been a breach of their systems and instead has pointed to “mega-breaches” of social networks and users using the same account credentials across multiple platforms.  Coincidentally, Foregenix has recently completed a case study involving compromised TeamViewer credentials.

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