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Foregenix offers a focused and well-supported methodologies to achieving compliance, specifically customised around each of our clients’ individual requirements.

With years of experience with PCI DSS, we are able to offer our clients well-informed guidance and a well-supported path towards compliance with the PCI DSS.

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Remarkable individuals with lifetime of experience as cybersecurity consultants, penetration testers, analysts, developers and engineers for all kinds of industries.

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Our people's technical experience coupled with a unique work environment is the foundation of our services: a complex machinery designed to assist our customers avoid disruption while managing risk. 


Foregenix has been closely involved with the leading cybersecurity frameworks since its inception, including the Payment Card Industry (PCI), ISO, NIST and several country-specific regulatory bodies, earning a reputation of excellence in every program it participates.


While we insist that experience is what makes the difference on this business, our consultants still hold a myriad of certifications, including PCI, SWIFT and ISO, cloud-vendor specific ones, and more general technology credentials like CSSLP, CISM, CISA, CISSP, and many more.

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Truly committed to guiding and helping you secure your operation and achieve compliance.

  • An experienced team with strong
    technical background in cybersecurity
    that is fully available to help your
    organisation build security into its
    business processes.
  • Leverage specialised resources ranging
    from programming, cryptography,
    infrastructure, risk assessment,
    penetration testing and forensics to
    deliver maximum efficiency when
  • Access our experts when you need them.
    Your lead consultant is always available
    to provide guidance and to clarify
    doubts, no need to book appointments
    through account managers.
  • Acting as your advocate, we accelerate
    communications with the PCI SSC
    preventing unnecessary delays.
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A mature, structured methodology


Scope of Assessment

A tailored plan to define the PCI scope within your environment.


GAP Analysis

Our QSAs will provide an expert analysis of your company's current compliance status and security posture by defining the scope of PCI DSS within the environment and identifying any existing vulnerabilities, and areas of non-compliance. 


Remediation Assistance

Designed to review controls across your company environments, understanding processes to identify any potential issues in the early stages.


Compliance Assessment Service (CAS)

A complete set of services to assist you with achieving and maintaining PCI DSS Compliant status. 


Report On Compliance (ROC)

It ensures that both your entity and Foregenix keep compliance with the PCI DSS and the card schemes to the highest level.

We have supported many companies to achieve PCI DSS Compliance. Become one of them.

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We receive a significant number of questions about PCI DSS Compliance. Below, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked ones.

PCI DSS applies to all merchants or service providers who store, process or transmit account data or those who could impact the security of account data. Merchants are responsible for the reporting of PCI compliance status to their acquiring bank. Service providers are required to report directly to Card schemes.

Merchant levels are defined by each card scheme but reciprocal agreements are in place between each scheme in order that you must report at the highest level that applies.

Check our blog to find your Merchant Compliance Level

Service providers have two levels of compliance, but only level 1 allows you to be listed on the card scheme service provider listings.

One of an organisations biggest information security risks will be that posed by third party providers. This is most true when talking about PCI DSS compliance, as all entities who use third parties to store, process or transmit cardholder data are responsible for the compliance of the third parties they engage; and must have contractual arrangements in place to hold said service providers responsible for the security of any cardholder data that is stored processed or transmitted on their behalf. 

For e-commerce only merchants those service providers that manage, host and maintain websites on behalf of merchants are required to either be PCI DSS compliant or to have their services included in the merchants PCI DSS assessment.

The golden rules for PCI DSS compliance is if you don’t need to store cardholder data, don’t! Any storage of cardholder data means that you are fully inscope for PCI DSS compliance.

The second part regardless of level is to engage a QSA to help you define, document and if necessary plan to reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance to the minimum amount feasible. Organisations should focus on core business processes and look for ways to transfer the PCI compliance as much as feasible.

PCI DSS compliance reporting is an annual process; Foregenix partners with our clients to support the business in achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance, our clients trust us and we use the breadth of our assessor team to ensure that clients get a familiar approach to assessments but with different eyes to ensure the integrity of assessments. 


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