Let’s make cyberspace safer together

Push your professional boundaries, step forward and join us!

Our secret sauce

We are a privately owned organisation solely dedicated to cybersecurity. Our purpose is rather simple: make the cyberspace safe for everyone, and our unique culture revolves around helping others protect their digital assets.

Foregenix is one of the top players around offensive security, digital forensics, threat hunting and cybersecurity compliance, offering employees the chance to find their dream job and develop their career in cybersecurity.

Together, we're not just working - we're thriving, learning, and leading the industry forward. Take the leap, and let's make great things happen, together!

What we stand for

Our team is everything, carefully built over the years from selected individuals with a diverse background and a common passion, cybersecurity. We are constantly offering opportunities to become part of a highly respected and globally-renowned team that is helping organisations design, evolve and drive their cybersecurity programs. 

Become part of something unique, a place to bring your skills, experience, curiosity and individual characteristics to the benefit of your colleagues, clients and partners, bonded through a strong, shared culture.

Awareness is paramount to stay at the forefront of this industry. We evolve our skills and capabilities daily, monitoring the actions of threat agents and detecting danger in cyberspace, advising on opportunities to improve the security posture of our customers.

We are trusted by our community to use our specialist skills, knowledge and experience in our mission to improve cyberspace safety for everyone. We deliver integrity between communication and action.

We work as a team, always

And we include our partners and customers in every action to provide real and long lasting value while enhancing their security posture, making their challenges our own.

Our work environment provides the inspiration, transparency, understanding and respect for individuals to generate ideas and to help them grow and become drivers of change for the cybersecurity industry.

Our people are always willing to help, try different approaches and learn by exploring. Foregenix encourages constant learning and research, investing heavily in innovative solutions, always creating spaces to try new things. We celebrate individual achievements, but understand that it is a lot more rewarding to grow together, sharing successes.

Thriving Together: A lot more than benefits, we offer a career experience

Engage, learn, grow and become a legend of this industry. Benefits just start with compensation, community, personal growth, and shared success. Join us and be part of a globally diverse team of top professionals, where you'll have the unique opportunity to learn from the best, grow your talents, and share your unique perspective.

- Flexible work schedule

- A solid team to support you, with members around the globe always online

- Corporate bonus scheme

- Sales & Talent Finders fee 

- Global training program

- Business development support

- Your birthday is an additional holiday day

- Plus other country-specific benefits (comprehensive health insurance, pension schemes, and more)

Our philosophy remains consistent throughout the global #Foregenix_family.

Our recruitment process

Be a problem solver and take action: you are here to help us make the cyberspace safer for everybody.

Every little step to help our customers secure their systems can have a tremendous impact on the cybersecurity of millions of digital assets, don’t miss an opportunity to take a commitment and make a difference.

Our approach revolves around three core stages:

Aligning Expectations

First and foremost lets start with absolute clarity of expectations! It's as essential for us to comprehend your personal aspirations in life as it is for you to understand our objectives - it's all about making sure we understand each others' expectations. Just be yourself.

Technical Background

Our success is anchored on our people's profound technical expertise. We firmly believe that our capacity to advise relies on our first-hand experience in each respective field. We're keen to understand how much of your technical acumen has remained robust and applicable over the years. Let's talk about the things you like!

Meet Our Community

Bring out-of-the-box thinking to finding new ways of delivering cybersecurity. You will be pushed to challenge your limits and enjoy a real world exercise with prospective teammates. 



"Working at Foregenix  really feels like I found the work home I never even knew I was looking for or existed”

Quintin de Boer

"Everyone has strong ethical foundation, which I think is core for individuals that do the type of work we do"

Paolo Basilio

"Everyday brings you new challenges which provides you an opportunity to try different ideas and develop new skills”

Irfan Akram