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Help us make cyberspace safe for everyone



A unique place to thrive

We are a privately owned organisation solely dedicated to cybersecurity. Our purpose is rather simple: make the cyberspace safe for everyone, and our unique culture revolves around helping others protect their digital assets. Foregenix is one of the top players around offensive security, digital forensics, threat hunting and cybersecurity compliance, offering employees the chance to find their dream job and develop their career in cybersecurity.

Our team is everything, carefully built from selected individuals with a diverse background and a common passion, cybersecurity. We are constantly offering opportunities to become part of a highly respected and globally-renowned team that is helping organisations design, evolve and drive their cybersecurity programs. 

Push your professional boundaries, step forward and join us!


What we stand for



Become part of something unique, a place to bring your skills, experience, curiosity and individual characteristics to the benefit of your colleagues, clients and partners, bonded through a strong, shared culture.



Awareness is paramount to stay at the forefront of this industry. We evolve our skills and capabilities daily, monitoring the actions of threat agents and detecting danger in cyberspace, advising on opportunities to improve the security posture of our customers.



We are trusted by our community to use our specialist skills, knowledge and experience in our mission to improve cyberspace safety for everyone. We deliver integrity between communication and action.

Why work with us?

We work as a team, always. And we include our partners and customers in every action to provide real and long lasting value while enhancing their security posture, making their challenges our own. Our work environment provides the inspiration, transparency, understanding and respect for individuals to generate ideas and to help them grow and become drivers of change for the cybersecurity industry.

Our people are always willing to help, try different approaches and learn by exploring. Foregenix encourages constant learning and research, investing heavily in innovative solutions, always creating spaces to try new things. We celebrate individual achievements, but understand that it is a lot more rewarding to grow together, sharing successes.

What to expect

Be ready to embrace continuous improvement, bringing out-of-the-box thinking to finding new ways of delivering cybersecurity. You will be pushed to challenge your limits and enjoy learning and working with the most reputable individuals in the cybersecurity industry.

You are expected to take full responsibility for your actions, and to ask for help when needed: there is a world of people waiting to lend a hand and boost your learning and development.
Be open and honest in all communications between colleagues and clients to improve business performance. We believe that conflicting opinions can be the source of amazing ideas when discussed in a respectful environment.

Endeavour to be one step ahead of what is required by your colleagues, customers and partners, your collective support is what makes the team unique.
Be a problem solver and take action: you are here to help us make the cyberspace safer for everybody. Every little step to help our customers secure their systems can have a tremendous impact on the cybersecurity of millions of digital assets, don’t miss an opportunity to take a commitment and make a difference.



  • Flexible work schedule
  • A solid team to support you, with members around the globe always online
  • Your birthday is an additional holiday day
  • Company Bonus scheme
  • Finders Fee
  • Global training program
  • Business development support
  • Plus other country-specific benefits (comprehensive health insurance, pension schemes, and more)

Available positions

Information Security Analyst (Manchester, UK)

Successful candidates to the Information Security Analyst role will join our 3 year training career path. You will be introduced to our tailored training program with external study activities and also onsite training. 
During this program you will work closely with senior members of the Consulting & Risk Services Team to deliver strategic security assurance services. This may be your dream job. 

Information Security Consultant (APAC, LATAM, USA)

Foregenix is recruiting an experienced cybersecurity consultant with active PCI DSS certifications, solid technical experience across several cybersecurity programs & frameworks, and years of meeting the needs of demanding customers.

Senior Qualified Security Assessor (APAC, Europe, LATAM, USA)

Become part of a highly respected and globally-renowned team that is helping organisations design, evolve and drive their cybersecurity programs. Foregenix is recruiting an experienced cybersecurity consultant with active PCI DSS certifications, solid understanding of the PCI DSS, with no less than 3 years of level 1 assessment experience.

Sales Associate - Cybersecurity Programs  (APAC, South Africa)

Analyse, understand and master our different Cybersecurity Programs and Solutions from an end-user perspective. This role is there to drive adoption of our Cybersecurity Programs by helping our customers manage their needs at different stages of the programs’ lifecycle, acting swiftly and explicitly to resolve issues and difficulties in order to provide a better user experience and, as a result, increase consumer loyalty.

Senior Account Manager (UK) 

The Senior Account Manager will focus on building long-term relationships with new and existing customers that result in on-going sales revenue to meet a predefined yearly target. You'll work closely with customers, acting as an all-round business consultant to identify how they can make their business more secure using Foregenix Consultancy services. 

Inside Sales Representative (APAC, LATAM)

The Inside Sales Representative is responsible for providing support to our sales team with several activities, including day-to-day administrative, operational, and client engagement requirements. This includes processing service orders, liaising with clients on an international basis, and checking data accuracy.