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12 years+ malware tracked.

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Our Global eCommerce ThreatScape Report tracking threats and changes across the eCommerce industry.

Understanding YOUR eComm Cyber Risk

Website security simplified and available for the Community.

Foregenix ThreatView

Our forensic team assists MANY hacked eCommerce sites each year. Each new type of malware detected is fingerprinted and added to our ThreatView platform to detect at scale. 

Our analysis gives a detailed view of the eCommerce ThreatScape, with data points on:

  • eCommerce Platform Risk - which platforms are being targeted.
  • Market Insights - which platforms are gaining market share (and likely to draw criminal interest).
  • Malware trends - source of the malware, type of malware (website skimmer/loader etc), most targeted regions.
  • Website compromise stats - how many sites are hacked with malware targeting payment card data, which platforms are they on, where are they located and where are the attacks coming from. 

All of this capability - with the latest eComm threat detection from our forensic team - is available for FREE for any eCommerce site - just sign up for our free Community tier and begin monitoring your site for risk today - no tech expertise required.

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