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Meet the height of today's cybersecurity challenges without disrupting your business processes. Foregenix offers a comprehensive strategy to tackle every need of your organisation's cybersecurity lifecycle.

From the most basic cybersecurity compliance programs to putting third party & supply chain risks under control, our stable team of experts have dealt with virtually every technology and business implementation available. From busy airlines, to global retail organisations, we are present supporting individuals like you every day.

We specialise in bringing deeply technical cybersecurity advice to the business decision making table, bridging the gap between technology needs and the organisation's business objectives. 

Cybersecurity Consultancy


Foregenix Consulting and Compliance team

True Cybersecurity Experts, working with a vast array of clients ranging from small retail merchants to complex industrial environments and large international banks. 


Remarkable individuals with lifetime of experience as cybersecurity consultants, penetration testers, analysts, developers and engineers for all kinds of industries.

A unique working environment

Our people's technical experience coupled with a unique work environment is the foundation of our services: a complex machinery designed to assist our customers avoid disruption while managing risk. 


Foregenix has been closely involved with the leading cybersecurity frameworks since its inception, including the Payment Card Industry (PCI), ISO, NIST and several country-specific regulatory bodies, earning a reputation of excellence in every program it participates.


While we insist that experience is what makes the difference on this business, our consultants still hold a myriad of certifications, including PCI, SWIFT and ISO, cloud-vendor specific ones, and more general technology credentials like CSSLP, CISM, CISA, CISSP, and many more.

Virtual CISO Service


Clear advice for technical and non-technical personnel form our Information Security Officers with extended access to the Foregenix’ in-house team of offensive security analysts, compliance specialists, cryptography experts, Forensics Incident response team and IT Governance consultants for specialist knowledge when required.

As part of our vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service, we provide strategic planning for security testing, assessments, and reviews.

Additionally, our team excels in developing and implementing threat management strategies to safeguard your organisation from evolving threats. When it comes to security products and services, we assist in procuring the most suitable options tailored to your specific needs without compromising on any preferred partner. Finally, we offer support in recruiting and training IT engineers and security personnel, ensuring your team is well-prepared to address potential security challenges.


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Cybersecurity Due Diligence


In today's landscape, cyberthreat actors are constantly hunting for vulnerabilities across various industries and their supply chain. Their actions have led to significant breaches that have impacted companies across sectors, including pipeline and infrastructure operators, food producers, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, among others.

Consequently, the importance of conducting comprehensive due diligence cyber evaluations cannot be overstated. This necessity extends beyond technology-focused investors to encompass private equity and infrastructure funds investing in diverse sectors. By recognising the pervasive nature of cyber threats, organisations can identifiy and prioritise cybersecurity issues to safeguard their investments and protect against unknown risks.

Our cybersecurity due diligence services enable companies to make well-informed decisions by uncovering existing cyber security lapses or potential at-risk areas in acquisition targets, determining remediation costs, and offering guidance on restructuring investments if necessary, all while showcasing a steadfast commitment to data security to stakeholders and regulators.

Cybersecurity risk Assessments


Discover the difference between understanding your cybersecurity risks when sustaining attacks and being taken by surprise when business disruption takes over. Being prepared to withstand complex adversaries is no longer considered an expense but a required investment. Undertaking a comprehensive risk assessment will enable your organisation to better define and correctly aim its investment in cybersecurity to match its operational needs and mission.

With business resiliency and a strong cybersecurity posture being requirements across many regions today, strengthening your ability to withstand and recover from potential cyber threats has become a basic part of every organisation's business strategy.

Moreover, conducting cybersecurity risk assessments enables your organisation to meet cyber-insurance coverage requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection and lower premiums. Empower your organisation with the proactive approach of cybersecurity risk assessments and safeguard your critical operations.


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Enough marketing chit-chat, find out what our long standing customers have to say about how we help them achieve cybersecurity success.

vCISO Benefits


Manage your resources efficiently, while strengthening your security posture.

  • An experienced team with strong
    technical background in cybersecurity
    that is fully available to help your
    organisation build security into its
    business processes
  • Leverage specialised resources ranging from programming, cryptography, infrastructure, risk assessment, penetration testing and forensics to deliver maximum efficiency when needed.
  • Access our experts when you need them
    Your lead consultant is always available to provide guidance and to clarify doubts, no need to book appointments through account managers
  • Independent advice from an experienced cybersecurity multi-disciplinary team


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