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An independent organisation entirely committed to safeguarding digital security

Who we are


Established in 2009, Foregenix has evolved from a small team of cybersecurity experts to being hailed as the global standard in payments' cybersecurity.

Through sustained collaborative efforts, our team consistently nurtures a distinctive work environment. We are perpetually in pursuit of top talent, regardless of location, creating an atmosphere that encourages individuals to fully realise their potential. This steadfast approach, maintained over 14 years, empowers Foregenix to deliver an unparalleled level of service to our customers, consistently.



We prevent, protect, investigate and solve serious cyber threats for large enterprises, banks, card brands, government agencies, charities and SMEs all around the globe.

With an unyielding commitment to excellence and finding the absolute most committed individuals globally, we have built our reputation on delivering unerring services across a diverse range of industries, far beyond our initial focus on the payment and cards sector. Our strategic advisory, compliance support, and tailored security solutions have made us a trusted partner to more than 1500 clients worldwide, from large enterprises to SMEs.

Though our roots are deeply embedded in the UK, our influence and operations are truly global. With a network of regional offices spanning across multiple continents, we are a cosmopolitan force in the cybersecurity field. Our unwavering commitment to securing cyberspace is not bound by geographical limits, reflecting our universal dedication to a safer, more secure digital world. We are where our customers are.


Our people, our team - is what makes Foregenix a great organisation. Skilled, experienced, talented and committed - we are focused on going the extra mile to keep our clients safe from criminals.


Our managed services support our clients - in many cases we become the front line of defence against intruders. We support your business processes, can advise and guide on improving your processes - and above all we ensure that we deliver the best service in support of your business objectives.


We use our technology to defend our clients from criminals - Serengeti for endpoints and FGX-Web for websites. All delivered as a managed service so our team becomes yours.

Our mission

Make the cyberspace safe for everyone, and our unique culture revolves around helping others protect their digital assets.

Our history

Foregenix born out of the desire of putting the customer first, delivering true value to become  a highly respected and globally-renowned team that is helping organisations design, evolve and drive their cybersecurity programs. 


Foregenix was founded in April 2009 by Andrew Bontoft and Benjamin Hosack,  delivering true value and creating a company that people loved - to work in and to partner with. 


Became accredited PFI + ACCREDITATIONS


Award Queen's Awards for Enterprise


Top player for the payment industry becoming a referent for standards such as P2PE and SSF


We celebrate individual achievements, but understand that it is a lot more rewarding to grow together, sharing successes.

The Queen’s Awards 2019

The Queen's Awards recognise the achievements of Great British Companies, and has done since 1965. Only a few companies receive this great accolade for their work, after several hundred applications.


Our clients

We include our  customers and partners in every action to provide real and long lasting value while enhancing their security posture, making their challenges our own. 


Need help? Or have any questions?

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