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New survey shows 78% of eCommerce websites at risk

Posted by Kirsty Trainer on 11/04/17 12:03

  • 47,000 out of 60,000 websites missing critical security patches
  • Over 3,000 are already hacked and losing customer data now

External security scans performed on 60,000 Magento websites show that 78% are missing critical security patches, while 5% are confirmed to have payment card data harvesting malware stealing their customer details. 

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Topics: Forensics and Incident Response

New JavaScript Malware Targeting Stripe.js on Magento Websites - Ajax Harvester

Posted by Mike Hinton on 04/04/17 07:53

The Foregenix DFIR team has discovered what is believed to be a unreported piece of malware which has recently been used to target insecure eCommerce websites processing through Stripe, running on the Magento framework.

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Topics: web security, Magento, malware, JavaScript

Foregenix Selected as Excellence Award: Industry Leadership Finalist for the SC Awards 2017 Europe

Posted by Kirsty Trainer on 03/04/17 13:33

Foregenix has been named a finalist in the SC Awards 2017 Europe for outstanding industry leadership in information security. FGX-Web is recognised in the Best SME Security solution category, which acknowledges superior services and solutions that help customers address the most pressing cyber-security threats. The winners will be announced at the SC Magazine Awards Europe ceremony to be held in London on Tuesday 6 June at the stunning central London venue on the Riverside of the Thames, Old Billingsgate.

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Alert: New PHP Webshell Identified

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 03/03/17 11:50

A new piece of malware has been identified by the Foregenix DFIR team.  The malware is a PHP webshell - a script, which when installed on a compromised system, presents a sophisticated administration platform allowing the attacker to browse the filesystem of the compromised server, upload, create, edit, download or delete files or stop running processes.

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Topics: web security, Magento

Foregenix named as rising Cyber Security export star in the Sunday Times SME Export Track 100

Posted by Kirsty Trainer on 27/02/17 17:02

We're over the moon to announce that Foregenix has been placed at No 59 in the 3rd annual Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100! Our fantastic clients and talented team were instrumental in helping us achieve this recognition. We are delighted, so thank you to all. This was published in the Business section on Sunday, as well as on the Sunday Times tablet edition and online.

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Topics: web security, GDPR

Magento Security Tips - what can you do to protect your website?

Posted by Mike Hinton on 23/02/17 15:39

The eCommerce sector has seen significant year-on-year growth over the last 5 years. With that growth, the world's most popular eCommerce platform, Magento, has seen seen rapid growth too (currently 26% marketshare globally).

With popularity comes a downside - Magento websites are increasingly becoming the target of attacks by criminals .

Over 60% of breached eCommerce websites assisted by our team in 2016 were Magento-based websites.

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Topics: web security, Magento, malware

Information Privacy, The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) & Your Business

Posted by Andrew McKenna on 30/01/17 16:43

To begin, we'll take the following definitions of 'privacy' and 'information privacy' from the International Association of Privacy Professionals:

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Topics: PCI, PA-DSS and P2PE, GDPR

Vulnerabilities on ManageEngine EventLog 10.7 through 11.2 (Service Pack 11023)

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 23/12/16 11:29

We have come across Manage Engine EventLog installations a few times in our penetration tests at Foregenix, and have identified different vulnerabilities in our attempts to compromise it. In most situations a default guest account was left open and becomes a focus point as we attempt to use it to elevate privileges or otherwise influence the profiles behaviour to our advantage. These attempts resulted in the following vulnerabilities being discovered and reported to the vendor. While the installations encountered during the engagements may not be running an up-to-date version of the ManageEngine EventLog software we validated whether the vulnerabilities still exist on the latest version as of the time of reporting them to the Vendor.

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Topics: penetration testing

Encryption 102: 5 Methods of Encryption (Part 2)

Posted by Andrew McKenna on 07/12/16 16:02

Following on from Encryption 101, this post will focus on different methods of Encryption, when they're applicable and why they are important. 

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Topics: PCI, PA-DSS and P2PE, encryption

Magento Malicious JavaScript in Action

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 08/11/16 14:48

Magento websites have been under attack from a new malicious JavaScript family of malware - our forensic team has been working with many hacked websites to help them regain control of their online businesses and to limit losses.

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Topics: web security, Magento, malware, JavaScript