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Mark Shelhart

Mark is the Principal Consultant of Forensics and Incident Response with Foregenix, an international cyber response firm. His expansive technical background and excellent communication skills allow him to efficiently drive e-discovery, incident response and other forensic projects to effective conclusions. His leadership role in the forensics practice includes speaking at conferences and writing for industry publications to share his knowledge of the information security and forensics industries. Mark has more than 15 years of experience working in consulting, information technology, e-discovery and incident response, including previous roles as a Vice President of Incident Response and Forensics and as a Forensic Practice Manager.

ModPipe Malware has a new module that siphons Credit Card Data

Cybersecurity researchers at Foregenix have discovered what appears to be a new module for the ModPipe malware, previously reported by ESET in November 2020. Alarmingly, this new module has the ability to siphon sensitive Track1 and Track2 data from payment systems, a featureset that had not previously been disclosed. Like the originally analysed and documented ModPipe, this module is most prevalent in the hospitality sector. This malware should be considered a high risk.

Sophisticated ModPipe Malware is targeting restaurant payment systems