Digital Forensics & Incident Response 

Rapid Incident Response by one of the industry's leading Digital Forensics and Incident Response specialists.
We help organizations to regain and secure control of their business systems following an attack.

Whether an SME or global corporation, we can help!


Foregenix is one of the leading Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) firms globally, helping thousands of companies regain control of their systems and networks on a daily basis.

Our experience combined with our in-house technology enables us to deliver one of the quickest and most effective Incident Response services in the world.

Our team's experience is the foundation of our service. Our pedigree lies within the investigations of the Payments Industry and Foregenix team comprises more of the original investigators from the time the PFI program was initially defined.  Beyond our Payments experience, we have a wealth of Investigative and IR experience in various sectors.



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World-Class Incident Response & Containment Service

Time to containment is critical in limiting an organisations exposure, losses and mitigating threats.  

We understand the urgency and pressure that comes with compromise situations - our service delivery is focused on protecting our clients, keeping our clients in business.


Foregenix IR processes are augmented by our proprietary technologies, which accelerate our ability to detect and mitigate active, advanced and even previously unknown threats. These technologies and our techniques are tried and tested, having been honed on hundreds of engagements around the world.


Our highly competent team have a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience to draw upon that sets them apart from most of the competition. Having over 150 man years of collective experience performing remote IR and Threat Hunting engagements, you can be assured Foregenix represents a safe IR partner for any size of organisation.


Depending on your existing IR capabilities, Foregenix global team can become a seamless extension to your own security or response teams, or you can confidently let our responders handle the entire situation. You will always be completely in the picture, fully aware of progress, findings  and developments as they happen.


While Foregenix performs Incident Response engagements across all industries, it is our team cut their teeth on complex investigations within the Payment Industry.  The leadership we have shown in this arena, recognised through frequent requests to present or participate on panels at industry events around the globe, translates directly and faultlessly into all aspects of Incident Response.

Digital Forensics


If you suspect that you may have intruders within your network or business systems, taking the right steps - quickly - is critical to limit damage.

Digital Forensic analysis is generally an “after the event” scientific undertaking to determine the extent and current status of a system or network intrusion. Our highly talented Digital Forensics team have more than enough industry experience and knowledge to help you understand the details of any intrusion.

Incident Response on the other hand involves the rapid deployment of analysts and technology (more often than not operating completely remotely) to address an active or current intrusion incident.  Speed of deployment is crucial in these circumstances and our team of responders can provide quick and discreet results, jumping into action with minimal disruption to your business, and provide rapid insights and containment plans.

We frequently work alongside law enforcement or other security firms to complete the incident coverage. 



DFIR Digital Forensics and Incident Response


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PCI Forensic Investigations - PFI


Foregenix has been a registered PFI since the programs inception in 2010, and many of our team were performing Payment Industry Forensic Investigations under the program that preceded PFI.  We have experience performing investigations for organisations of all sizes, from the smallest of eCommerce merchants, through to issuing or acquiring banks. Our team has even performed investigations within a national Central Bank.

System and network intrusions are always complex and stressful times for a business and its owners. Nonetheless, it is crucial to act quickly in order to contain the incident, prevent further damage and loss and get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

If you suspect your environment may be impacted, be it your eCommerce website or your Point of Sale systems, or even your general network Foregenix can assist. Our experience and expertise is literally second to none and we are licensed to operate as a PFI globally.


Acquirer Led Investigation ALI / AAI


Following changes in the Payment Industry, Alternate Acquirer Investigations (AAI - also known as Acquirer Led Investigations, ALI) are now the default breach investigation required for organisations experiencing what could be considered smaller intrusions.  This is determined largely by the amount of payment card data that is believed to be exposed and governed by the merchants acquirer.

As with all Incident Response situations, an ability to move quickly is paramount and Foregenix DFIR team is able to immediately support you through the incident. Delays in the process can escalate the exposure increasing the risk and liability as well as potentially resulting in the investigation being elevated to a full PFI. Our decades of experience with investigations within the Payment Industry, including hundreds of AAI campaigns, coupled with our proprietary technologies make us the perfect partner to handle your AAI.

Foregenix AAI service is handled as a fully remote Incident Response engagement by our teams around the world. If you suspect an intrusion or system breach, or your acquirer has mentioned the possibility of an investigation, please get in touch. Our abilities and experience are second to none.


Receive the best investigation experience from the industries premier investigation team:


  • Rely on the support and guidance of the Payment Card Industries premier DFIR team – quick, effective and highly experienced.
  • Expert investigators are able to quickly identify the threat actors activities resulting in early containment being achieved.
  • Remotely delivered service means no onsite time, minimal operational disruption, no travel costs.
  • Remediation guidance and support without eye watering technical jargon.
  • Minimising the impact to the victim business – enabling them to focus on re-building the business.


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Incident Response


Few things are as time critical as Incident Response. It can be likened to dealing with a fire. Handling a small fire can be relatively straight forward, but delays in that action, allowing the fire to spread, can rapidly result in a total loss of control. Not only is it more difficult to regain control, the damages also escalate rapidly.

Foregenix Incident Response teams around the world can be a seamless extension to your own security or response teams.  Leverage our experience and expertise to help you prepare for, or swiftly react to an incident, moving rapidly to containment and regaining control of the environment.

Our approach to IR is heavily augmented with our proprietary technology - enabling us to achieve optimal coverage and therefore visibility of the environment within  minutes of engagement.  Through this near real-time insight, our highly experienced responders can quickly develop and execute a plan to rapidly bring the situation under control. Once the residual threat is fully assessed and countered, our global team can smoothly transition to a post mortem investigation phase, or step back to allow your own team to determine the details of how the intrusion occurred and define the full impact.

Let Foregenix guide you through the uncertainty of dealing with cyber intrusions.

Incident Response Retainer


We understand that the concept of building a preparedness for dealing with a cyber incident can be a daunting prospect. Not to mention actually dealing with a live incident. 

Our Incident Response Retainers are highly adaptable and designed to give you access to the team, skills and support you need when you need it most, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dedicated team of experts at your side. We offer customisable retainer agreements to fit your specific needs, with response times that meet your requirements.

Available service components include one off or regular threat hunting exercises to meet the cadence appropriate for your situation, forensic analysis, incident remediation, Incident Response planning, training and table top exercises.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your organisation's unique needs and tailor our services to meet them.

There are several business benefits to having an incident response retainer in place. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • Reduce Financial Impact:
    Cybersecurity incidents can be costly, both in terms of immediate financial losses and longer-term impacts on revenue and profits. As described in the Incident Response section above, incident reaction time can be one of the most important aspects in limiting losses and costs. By having an Incident Response retainer, businesses can minimise the potential financial impact of delays in engagement, through predefined and agreed terms and costs. 
  • Enhance Customer Confidence:
    By demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity through the use of an incident response retainer, businesses can enhance customer confidence in their brand. Customers want to know that their data is safe with the companies they do business with, and having a forward thinking proactive approach to cybersecurity can help build trust.
  • Compliance and Legal Benefits:
    Many industries have regulations and legal requirements related to cybersecurity. Having an experienced Incident Response team on retainer, either as an extension to your own team or simply being your response team, can help businesses comply with these requirements and protect against legal liabilities associated with security incidents.
  • Improve Security Posture:
    Working with an Incident Response retainer partner can also help businesses improve their overall security posture. Incident Response professionals don’t only have to be called upon to react to an incident. Their experience can provide recommendations and guidance on how to better protect sensitive data, improve security controls and architecture and prevent future security incidents.
  • Minimize Downtime and Business Disruption
    With an incident response retainer, businesses can respond to a security incident quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime and business disruption. The faster the response, the less damage a cyber-attack or other security incident can do to a company's reputation and bottom line. Incident Response retainers also provide the catalyst for experienced professionals to build a deeper understanding of the clients environment, data usage and security controls, as well as build a rapport and trust with the clients team members, all to the benefit of the client. 


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Blue Team Extension Services


While organisations that take their security posture seriously are increasingly engaging Offensive Security Professionals* to validate their stance from an attackers perspective, few organisations have the luxury of a highly experienced full time Incident Response team on board. The Offensive Security engagement work product will highlight weaknesses and deficiencies in security, but offer little insight into what could / would have been detected by existing controls.

An awareness of attacks is important for organisations to ensure threat actor activity is monitored.  Should any security control fail or user error provide an opportunity for a threat actor, rapid awareness is crucial. Foregenix provides "Blue Team" services to supplement a clients own security team or perform as their security team to work as the counter part to the Offensive Security Professionals - the “Red Team”.  With zero prior knowledge tracking their movements and actions to help clients understand how readily such attacks can be identified - either with their existing solutions or using our own proprietary technology.

Please get in touch to find out more about our Blue Team services, as well as our Red Team services.

                                                                                                                                                      *OrionX Offensive Security Services

Incident Readiness Assessments & Training


Client environments are constantly evolving, making the detection and response to cybersecurity incidents more challenging than ever before.

Mastering Incident Response demands a team of experts equipped with an ever-evolving and sophisticated skill set. Enrich your team's capabilities to effectively respond to real-world cyber attacks through partnering with Foregenix highly experienced team. Leverage the wealth of cybersecurity expertise accumulated over decades of experience, and extend your team capabilities. 

We help to define Incident Response plans, test them and ensure that the client has the best possible plan ready for action, if the need arises. Drawing experience from our Offensive Security Professionals we can consider existing IR plans from both the attackers and responders perspective.

Allow us to evaluate your existing security posture, evolve your cyber risk management strategy, prepare for potential breaches, and apply the latest threat intelligence to fortify your defences.



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