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Benj Hosack is a Director and co-Founder of Foregenix Limited. Foregenix is a specialist information security business delivering services in Forensics, PCI DSS, PCI P2PE, PA-DSS and information security solutions within the Payment Card Industry. Our technologies are designed to simplify security and PCI Compliance. Specialties: Cardholder Data Discovery - defining and reducing PCI DSS Scope / PA-DSS / PCI DSS / P2PE / Account Data Compromise Investigations. We are specialists in the Payment Card Industry and work with all types of companies in the payment chain (Acquiring banks, Processors, hosting providers, web designers, merchants, systems integrators etc).
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Alert: New PHP Webshell Identified

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 03/03/17 11:50

A new piece of malware has been identified by the Foregenix DFIR team.  The malware is a PHP webshell - a script, which when installed on a compromised system, presents a sophisticated administration platform allowing the attacker to browse the filesystem of the compromised server, upload, create, edit, download or delete files or stop running processes.

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Topics: web security, Magento

Vulnerabilities on ManageEngine EventLog 10.7 through 11.2 (Service Pack 11023)

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 23/12/16 11:29

We have come across Manage Engine EventLog installations a few times in our penetration tests at Foregenix, and have identified different vulnerabilities in our attempts to compromise it. In most situations a default guest account was left open and becomes a focus point as we attempt to use it to elevate privileges or otherwise influence the profiles behaviour to our advantage. These attempts resulted in the following vulnerabilities being discovered and reported to the vendor. While the installations encountered during the engagements may not be running an up-to-date version of the ManageEngine EventLog software we validated whether the vulnerabilities still exist on the latest version as of the time of reporting them to the Vendor.

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Topics: penetration testing

Magento Malicious JavaScript in Action

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 08/11/16 14:48

Magento websites have been under attack from a new malicious JavaScript family of malware - our forensic team has been working with many hacked websites to help them regain control of their online businesses and to limit losses.

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Topics: web security, Magento, malware, JavaScript

Magento Websites - Have You Patched SUPEE-8788 Yet?

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 04/11/16 14:28

Last month Magento released SUPEE-8788 to fix a number of security issues – you can read about SUPEE-8788 in detail here.  A LOT of websites have not yet patched and are at risk of being hacked.

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Topics: web security, Magento

Your website may have been hacked - what next?

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 08/10/16 14:49

You suspect your website may have been hacked and your priority is to get your online business back up and running as soon as possible.  With a worldclass team of cybersecurity specialists, we can certainly help you to regain control of your website and secure your client data.

BUT, before you jump into fixing mode, here are a couple of critical steps you need to take to ensure you can handle any enquiries from law enforcement agencies, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and others if it turns out that payment card data has been stolen.

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Topics: web security

WebScan Website Security Results: 12% HACKED, 53% AT RISK

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 31/08/16 09:01

12% of websites that have externally scanned themselves with WebScan had confirmed malicious code stealing their customer payment card data off their website.

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Topics: web security

SAQ A & SAQ A-EP - Security & PCI Compliance For eCommerce Businesses

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 05/07/16 08:30

Understanding the PCI DSS and how it relates to a small to medium-sized eCommerce business is the first challenge for most businesses trying to becoming PCI DSS Compliant. With this article we hope to simplify what you need to know, what you need to do and why it is important.

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Topics: web security

TeamViewer Used to Attack Leading Footwear Retailer

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 10/06/16 09:26

TeamViewer has been all over the news in the last few days with “significant” numbers of  TeamViewer clients expressing/venting on Reddit, Twitter and other social media channels.  TeamViewer has denied that there has been a breach of their systems and instead has pointed to “mega-breaches” of social networks and users using the same account credentials across multiple platforms.  Coincidentally, Foregenix has recently completed a case study involving compromised TeamViewer credentials.

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Topics: Indicators of compromise

760,935 Websites Compromised in a Year

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 24/04/16 11:26

According to a recent study conducted by Google in collaboration with UC Berkeley, 760,935 websites were compromised between July 2014 and June 2015.  A considerable number of hacked websites, downtime and onward infections of the websites’ visitors. 

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Topics: web security

Malware Alert: New POS Malware - TinyPOS

Posted by Benjamin Hosack on 01/04/16 07:00

In the UK we don’t often come across brand new POS malware, presumably as we are in a Chip & PIN market, so the “return” for attackers on deploying such technology is limited. Last week, though, we did come across what appears to be a new sample that we’re calling TinyPOS.

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Topics: Forensics and Incident Response