Benjamin Hosack
As you may be aware, our WebScan solution currently monitors over 6 million sites and we’ve begun to put out a monthly report to interested clients, partners and 3rd parties.
A very high level summary is that there are a considerable number of Magento 1 websites that are considered HIGH RISK and out of all the platforms we monitor, Magento 1 is definitely being targeted by criminals as many of the sites are simply not being kept up to date.
For simple advice on how to reduce the risk of your website getting hacked, please have a read of this article (its not new, but the advice is solid).
Here is a brief video presentation of the report:
If you’d like a PDF of the presentation, please click on the button below.

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Benjamin Hosack
Benjamin Hosack

Benj Hosack is a Director and co-Founder of Foregenix Limited. Foregenix is a specialist information security business delivering services in Forensics, PCI DSS, PCI P2PE, PA-DSS and information security solutions within the Payment Card Industry. Our technologies are designed to simplify security and PCI Compliance. Specialties: Cardholder Data Discovery - defining and reducing PCI DSS Scope / PA-DSS / PCI DSS / P2PE / Account Data Compromise Investigations. We are specialists in the Payment Card Industry and work with all types of companies in the payment chain (Acquiring banks, Processors, hosting providers, web designers, merchants, systems integrators etc).

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