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So, how can a website security scanner help?


A website security scanner is an automated security tool that performs scans in order to identify malware,  vulnerabilities and other issues with your website, which may make it a target for cyber criminals.  Ideally you’d want a near-real time solution monitoring your website and alerting you or your developers as soon as a threat is identified - the quicker you learn of a breach, the quicker you can shut it down and limit losses.

However, in our experience, most eCommerce businesses do not have much (or anything) in the way of security monitoring and so we’d recommend starting with a free, automated check of your site on a regular basis. This will help you to understand your security posture and educate your team on where they need to put their focus to protect your website.

These are the 3 most common issues we find, which could easily result in a security breach:

  • Exposed Admin Interface - easy to find if left in the default location, making a brute force attack simple to execute.

  • Missing Security Patches - once a vulnerability has a security patch released, the whole community (goodies and baddies) are usually informed.  Any websites slow to deploy the security patch then become easy targets.

  • End of Life Software - software that is no longer supported will no longer get security patches issued for vulnerabilities.  These sites become easy targets and only become more vulnerable over time as more issues are identified.

How does our ThreatView website security scanner help?


Well, here are 4 reasons why you could consider scanning your website with ThreatView:

  • ThreatView is the ONLY website security scanner that has it’s roots in the payment industry.  We are cyber security specialists in the payments industry - our forensic team assists many hacked eCommerce businesses around the world every week and every attack/piece of malware is “fingerprinted” and added to our ThreatView platform to detect that threat at scale across our clients globally.

  • Our threat dataset is usually weeks/months ahead of the market - we generally identify new malware long before scanners that rely on industry “feeds” do.  Using ThreatView puts our experience gained on the cutting edge of fighting cyber crime in to your ability to protect your business.

  • Simple set up - 2 minutes - you do not need to be an IT guru, let alone a cyber security specialist to use our platform.  You create an account, put in the URL of the website you'd like to monitor and we will tell you almost instantly what it’s security status is.

  • No credit card required - you are not going to get “squeezed” for a sale.  Our solution is available for free to the Community and will remain that way.  If you want more power (near-real time end point security solution for your website, $100k breach protection warranty and more), then you can upgrade from within your account.

Here’s the link to create a Community Account and to check your site: 


So how do we compare with the website security monitoring market?


Due to our position in the industry - assisting hacked businesses that generally had no idea there was a problem before they received a call from their bank - we get to see new attacks, threats and malware that the rest of the industry generally receive as a feed weeks/months later. 

Our capability is generally many steps ahead of most other scanners as a result - we’re specialists in eCommerce forensics and that experience and knowledge flows into our ThreatView platform to protect our community. 

 We’ve been operating in this space for over a decade - our FGX-Web solution preceded our ThreatView solution and is widely considered a far more accurate threat detection than any other in the eCommerce world - our ThreatView platform is significantly more powerful and advanced.

Please join our community and use our technology to improve the security status of your website - and hopefully we can raise the security bar together across the eCommerce sector.

Why should an eCommerce business  consider using a website security scanner to monitor their website?


Will it increase sales?  Most likely not.

What it will do, however, is give you peace of mind that your website has no glaring vulnerabilities and is therefore unlikely to fall victim of criminal activity as an easy target, or  “low hanging fruit”.

There are plenty of examples of what a breach could cost a business - we wrote about these challenges here - as one of the most active forensic investigator firms globally, we understand some of the pains that come with a data compromise - business disruption, costly investigations, legal fees, penalties, customer attrition and so on.  It’s a position no business wants to find itself.

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