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Website Security Monitoring. Essential, "Baked-In" security monitoring. The first step to securing your website.


Foregenix Secure Seal
✔ Daily Malware Scanning
✔ File Change Monitoring
✔ Payment Card Data Scans
✔ Backdoor/Webshell Scanning
✔ Web Log Monitoring
✔ Experienced Security Support


Accurate, highly effective and low cost.  

Simple set up, immediate monitoring.


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Advanced 360° Website Security.  Designed for 95% of small to medium sized eCommerce websites.


✔ Advanced WAF
✔ Dedicated Elastic Load Balancer

✔ Site Accelerator - rapid content delivery
✔ Granular customised WAF
✔ Use your own SSL Certificate
✔ PCI DSS Website Security Monitoring
✔ All FGX-Web Alert features

Scalable and effective - protects your website through multiple growth stages.  

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Advanced 360° Website Security.
Our team is your team.

✔ All FGX-Protect Features
✔ Fully Managed Service
✔ 4 hour response on malware, backdoor and web shell alerts
✔ Daily monitoring of Alerts
✔ Specialist website security team
✔ Hands-on security support and guidance

Our team become your team for full service monitoring, analysis and response to threats.


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Features protecting your online business…


✔ Malware Detection
✔ Unprotected Card Holder Data
✔ Unplanned Website Changes
✔ Webshells/Backdoors
✔ Website Plugin Verification


✔ Rapid Response Forensic Support
✔ Malware Removal Support
✔ Backdoor/Webshell Removal Support


✔ 24/7 Website Protection
✔ Advanced Managed WAF
✔ SQL Injection & XSS Protection
✔ Remote File Inclusion Protection

✔ Site Acceleration - rapid content delivery 


✔ PCI Compliance Security Monitoring
✔ Automated/Customisable Detection & Alerting
✔ Managed Service Options
✔ An extension of your team

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Features Alert Business FGX-Web MS
Advanced Web Application Firewall   Point Point
360° Security Monitoring Point Point Point
Daily Malware Scanning Point Point Point
PCI DSS Compliant Security Monitoring Point Point Point
Dedicated Security Specialist Support Point Point Point

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