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Measure the effectiveness of your security controls.


Our team is at the heart of what we do

Our Penetration Testing Services are conducted by Foregenix' highly skilled and experienced security consultants. The team simulate attacks and direct compromise attempts at an application level, with the aim of locating potential weaknesses.

Penetration Tests measure the effectiveness of information security controls implemented in the real world, but tested within a controlled environment. We offer an experienced penetration testing service carried out by our security testing team.


Web application testing

Test the security of your web applications regularly

The Web Application Tests are designed to simulate attacks and direct compromise attempts at web applications. Through our extensive experience conducting forensics investigations and penetration tests our findings have regularly highlighted insecure web applications that are available via the internet as a main cause of Account Data Compromises.

As a result, we've developed a comprehensive set of services to test and secure web applications. These services range from initial risk assessments, through to proactively protecting the application layer, either with or without user credentials.

The Web Application Test is an essential part of a security programme. Our team of specialists will provide a detailed and focused report explaining the possible weaknesses within a web application, allowing you to make the correct remedial changes to maintain a secure environment.


Mobile application testing

Security testing services for mobile applications

With the proliferation of mobile applications and the advancement of mobile payment solutions, the corporate network has extended beyond the perimeter devices to their end-user devices running these applications. As a result the corporate threatscape has changed and such organisations may find themselves being exposed to new types of security threats.

Security associated with mobile applications can often be identified and mitigated through security testing. We offer two types of Mobile App Security Testing Services to help organisations identify security threats in their own mobile applications, or supplier mobile applications.

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Penetration Testing Services

Foregenix's highly skilled and experienced security consultants conduct our Penetration Testing Services. The team simulate attacks and direct compromise attempts at a network or application level, with the aim of locating potential weaknesses.

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