Bright ideas from passionate people.


When your business relies on security, compliance and a strong reputation for taking care of your customers, you need a partner that understands your ethos, your challenges and has considerable experience in providing pragmatic support and guidance to protect your business.

With our industry-leading cybersecurity team, our innovations from our forensic lab, our experience and values, Foregenix is the partner to assist, guide and support you in protecting your business.

Our team becomes YOUR team.


Our people, our team - is what makes Foregenix a great organisation. Skilled, experienced, talented and committed - we are focused on going the extra mile to keep our clients safe from criminals.


Our managed services support our clients - in many cases we become the front line of defence against intruders. We support your business processes, can advise and guide on improving your processes - and above all we ensure that we deliver the best service in support of your business objectives.


We use our technology to defend our clients from criminals - Serengeti for endpoints and FGX-Web for websites. All delivered as a managed service so our team becomes yours.


We prevent, protect, investigate and solve serious cyber threats for large enterprises, banks, card brands, government agencies, charities and SMEs all around the globe.

As the world becomes progressively connected, sophisticated criminals, terrorists and threat actors exploit the ever growing number of potential victims thus increasing the number of cyberattacks. Our goal is to lead the fight against these threats and create a safer cyber world.

We’ve developed innovative and effective technologies and methodologies, leveraging over a decade’s worth of experience on the front lines in the payment industry. We’re constantly gathering, analysing and validating threats, allowing our experienced and specialist team, to create smart solutions for organisations of all sizes.

We're a global leader in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, PCI compliance services, and cybersecurity. With our mix of technology and experience, we protect our clients' data, reputation and consequently their brands against threat actors around the globe.

Due to the nature of our solutions, we understand the importance of privacy, discretion and secrecy. Meaning, we do our best to keep your business safe.


Foregenix was founded in April 2009 by Andrew Bontoft and Benjamin Hosack, born out of the desire to do things “our way” by putting the customer first, delivering true value and creating a company that people loved - to work in and to partner with. This evolved from the experience of previously working within a number of typical corporate cultures that didn’t share this view.

We work in a fast paced, dynamic and global environment. We collaborate and strive to support each other. We're proud and there's an appreciation we’ve done it our way, minimising bureaucracy and politics and believe in leading from the front.


We're constantly striving to be adaptive and dynamic. We entrust our people to manage their time effectively to promote a good work life balance. Individual opinions are respected and we encourage 360 degree feedback on a daily basis.

We've a real desire to be the best, actively encouraging development, striving for our people to be the best that they can be.

There's a true sense of team, as we're all in this together!



Believe in what we do, appreciate our customers are more than clients - they're partners and we’re all working for the common good to reduce risk within the connected world.

Our values are what drive us. We strive every day to:
1. Give a sh*t
2. Know that we’re in this together
3. Appreciate that we all matter, colleagues, clients, partners and even competition (we often talk of "co-opertition")


To empower the most talented professionals to deliver a globally respected cybersecurity service to our partners and clients, built on quality, integrity and a belief that together we can make a difference.


Create a nurturing work environment, helping others and making a positive difference to the connected world.


Our goal is that every individual who joins our family, does so, because “they can do what they love” and “love what they do''. We offer a warm and welcoming place to work, where your opinion counts, and activities from gaming nights to after work drinks. You're by no means just an employee number!

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