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Solve the challenge of detecting an attack within your business.

Your focus is to keep your business thriving.

Our focus is to stop criminals from interrupting your success.

Organisations don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan. There are many facets an organization can prepare for an incident. Foregenix Proactive Response offers a sophisticated monitoring engine and dedicated cyber security experts who continuously observe your critical Microsoft Windows assets. If a potential risk is identified, we initiate procedures based on your pre-defined instructions.


Leading Forensics

The skills and capabilities of one of the leading Digital Forensics and Incident Response team globally. We help thousands of companies get on their feet every day.


Continuous Threat Hunting

By combining Serengeti's oversight with our Threat Intel Group, Forensics Team and Penetration Testers, our visibility & capability to hunt threats is market-leading.


Serengeti Technology

An advanced end point threat detection and mitigation solution, with built in machine learning to enable rapid detection of new threats, application whitelisting and security zoning that gives a “single pane of glass” view into your organisation’s security. Used to protect thousands of businesses globally.


Support & Guidance

When time is of the essence, our experience and skill is there to guide you in detecting, containing and eradicating threats. We find out and focus on what matters.


Holistic Security

Our team has helped hundreds of organisations of all sizes and sectors in developing and tuning their cybersecurity programs against the ever changing threatscape.


Attack Protection

By combining application whitelisting, advanced machine learning, automated intervention and a 24/7 team of Threat Intelligence Analysts on hand to review critical alerts, we are able to protect business systems from the advanced, stealthy attacks executed by organised cyber criminals targeting your organisation.


Why we're different

We are specialists, passionate about cybersecurity.

Forensic analysts, penetration testers and cybersecurity consultants blend their views and experience to deliver a truly holistic and future-proof cybersecurity strategy for our customers.

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Let's protect your business!

We can help you fight modern cyber criminals that are using more sophisticated and aggressive tools to damage to organisations.

Put a stop to cyber attacks before they ever occur and keep your business safe with Foregenix' Proactive IR Service.

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