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How does ThreatView help Magento Websites?


Magento / Adobe Commerce is the most targeted eCommerce platform by criminals - by a long way.


ThreatView - available for free - provides you with the latest capability to protect your Magento website.
  • Magento Cyber Specialists - we help you to understand your Magento Website security status. Quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Magento Security Check - rapid analysis key website security threat indicators.  Understanding your security strengths/weaknesses is the first step in protecting your business.
  • Detection of the latest Malware  targeting Magento - skimmers, loaders...criminal code.  Magecart, Cardbleed and all subsequent derivatives. 
  • Patching Issues - understand if your website is missing security patches, making your site easy to hack into.
  • Third Party Scripts - detect if your partners have been hacked.
  • On-Demand Website Security Scan - ThreatView provides automated monitoring, but you can also check your site on-demand as required.
  • Track your Risk Profile - each scan of your site is logged so you can go back and review historic data related to your digital footprint.  
  • Frequent, automated and on-demand security assessments.
  • All eCommerce platforms - we support most other platforms too - BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopware etc
  • Nothing to install AND for FREE - just create an account and start monitoring your website.

We also provide you with snapshots of your website's security posture over time.

Why is ThreatView the leading independent Magento Malware Scanning Solution?


Foregenix is a specialist cybersecurity business working in the payment card industry.

We conduct more forensic investigations around the world on Magento/Adobe Commerce websites than any other organisation globally - and we use what we learn from investigations to help organisations to quickly recover from being hacked. Or - even better - to proactively protect them from getting hacked in the first place.

We encounter the latest criminal threats long before they become widespread, trending malware infections - and long before the rest of the industry - we provide this detection and protection immediately to our clients.  You can read our regular reports here - Magento continues to be the most targeted eCommerce platform by a long way.

We are now monitoring millions of sites (on all platforms - not only Magento/Adobe Commerce) and alerting site owners when their websites are at risk of being breached.

Our Threat Intelligence Group analyse every single forensic investigation we perform on hacked websites to update our solution to detect:

Our forensic team assists MANY hacked websites each year.

Every time we encounter a new type of malware, we "fingerprint" the malware and add it to our threat dataset - enabling our solution to detect it at scale.  We have been specialising in detecting eCommerce malware for over a decade and, as a result, have the most comprehensive malware detection capability available.

Through our forensic experience we see new attack trends appearing from time-to-time.

New attack methods are documented, our clients are alerted and ThreatView is updated to alert clients if they are exhibiting any of the vulnerabilities being targeted in the new attack methods.

Our forensic investigations often identify new exploits, which we immediately warn the community about.  ThreatView is immediately updated to detect the key vulnerabilities being exploited. 

One of the most important examples over the last few years is the ease with which attackers are "brute-forcing" exposed Admin login pages.  Easily addressed but if you don't know you're exposed, you don't realise the risk and don't take the simple steps to fix it.

ThreatView Capabilities

24/7 advanced monitoring

We monitor your website for threats/vulnerabilities:


  1. Magcart malware and derivatives

  2. Outdated software or Security Patches

  3. Ransomware

  4. The latest eComm card skimmer malware

  5. Overall website risk

  6. Unprotected version control

We provide a leading website security product


  1. ThreatView provides comprehensive, proactive detection capability for eCommerce threats

  2. We monitor over 12 million websites worldwide

  3. ThreatView monitors organizations of every size, including global corporations

Foregenix TIG is unique


  1. Thousands of security incidents managed every day

  2. Decades of experience from a team with impressive cybersecurity background

  3. Our Forensic work feeds our Threat Intelligence Repository (we know about almost every new threat long before they become general industry knowledge)



Why partner with a website security specialist?

Website security is our area of expertise and our Threat Intelligence Group make sure our clients are protected from the latest cyber security threats targeting online businesses.

Simplify your life by using ThreatView to monitor your website security.

You can have peace of mind that your website is being monitored and protected, while you dedicate yourself to growing your business - where your time and knowledge is most required.

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