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Hire your own virtual CISO.


Mitigate your cyber risk

Foregenix Virtual CISO will help you mitigate your organisation’s cybersecurity risk. Benefit from an independent expert familiar with the challenges of managing information across industries. Our team deliver clear advice suitable for technical and non-technical personnel and have complete access to Foregenix in-house team of penetration testers, PCI specialists, PIN assessors, cryptography experts, our Forensics Incident response team and IT governance consultants.

Our vCISO service is designed to assist you with:

• Review of Information Security strategy including 3rd party services-Review and development of Security Policies and Procedures
• Achieving compliance with industry standards such as the ISO27000 & PCI DSS
• Planning security testing, assessments and reviews through the compliance function/internal audit
• Developing and implementing threat management strategy
• Procuring security products and services
• Recruiting and training IT engineers and security personnel
• Responding to and remediating breaches

Why do you need vCISO?

Hiring a full-time CISO is no easy task and can be expensive and time-consuming, some businesses may not even require a full-time CISO. With a vCISO startup time is reduced considerably, costs are effective and your business will become more cyber secure.

Foregenix vCISO:

• Provides expertise and experience
• Delivers a cost effective service
• Offers independent advice
• Frees resources, including in-house staff time
• Identifies gaps in your strategy and/or teams


What can you expect from this service?

• Complete cybersecurity strategy
• Access to an experienced cybersecurity multi-disciplinary team
• Identification of strengths & weaknesses on your team - we provide training
• Compliance achievements
• And more...

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