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Measure the effectiveness of your security.

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Discover weaknesses. Prioritise and invest in the right solutions.

Penetration tests measure the effectiveness of information security controls implemented in the real world, but tested within a controlled environment. We offer an experienced penetration testing service carried out by our security testing team.

Our Penetration Testing Services are conducted by Foregenix' highly skilled and experienced security consultants. The team simulate attacks and direct compromise attempts at a network or application level, with the aim of locating potential weaknesses.


Why have penetration testing performed in your company?

Penetration Tests, in the majority of cases, are bound to a specific target and are used to determine the security and the susceptibility to attacks.

It generates a far more focused and specific report than those produced by automated vulnerability scans, is designed to fully exploit weaknesses in a system's architecture and not simply alert clients to possible vulnerabilities. The deliverable from this type of engagement is a report detailing all identified information, vulnerabilities as well as the attack path in the event of a successful intrusion.


Why Foregenix?

We are your Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and PCI Compliance specialists. Dedicated to keeping payments systems secure, we create solutions for private and public sector organisations, financial institutions, retailers, eBusinesses, utilities, and government institutions all over the world.


Our security testing services include:

External Penetration Testing

We assume the role of an outside attacker trying to gain access to the client’s internal infrastructure. A variety of methods and techniques are deployed towards fulfilling this goal.


Secure Code Reviews

• Identify potential vulnerabilities.
• Achieve a deep insight into application security.
• Receive reports detailing issues with remediation guidance.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Using wireless methods we attempts to circumvent network, system or application controls to access networks/data that an unauthorized user should not be able to obtain.


Attack Simulation

• Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used in the wild.
• Identify gaps in your defensive infrastructure.
• Receive the executed Playbook.

Internal Penetration Testing

Security threats do not always come from an outside source. This type of test is mostly used to identify the true exposure of the targets when attacked from an internal perspective.

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Interested in having penetration testing performed in your company?

Our highly skilled and experienced security consultants conduct the Penetration Testing Services in your environment. The team simulate attacks and direct compromise attempts at a network or application level, with the aim of locating potential weaknesses.

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