Penetration Testing

Penetration tests measure the effectiveness of information security controls implemented in the real world, but tested within a controlled environment.

Foregenix offers an experienced penetration testing service carried out by our security testing team.

Our Penetration Testing Services are conducted by Foregenix' highly skilled and experienced security consultants. The team simulate attacks and direct compromise attempts at a network or application level, with the aim of locating potential weaknesses.

The Penetration Test generates a far more focused and specific report than those produced by automated vulnerability scans. This is because a Penetration Test is designed to fully exploit the level of weaknesses in a system's architecture and not simply alert clients to possible vulnerabilities.

The testing services carried out by Foregenix include:

External Penetration Testing - Penetration testing enables you to identify your system's weaknesses before an attacker does. The specialist Foregenix team will take on the role of an outside attacker, providing a detailed report that highlights the areas vulnerable to attack, enabling you to enact the needed corrective measures to maintain a secure environment.

Internal Penetration Testing - Security threats do not always come from an outside source and therefore to maintain an entirely secure environment, organisations should also conduct an Internal Penetration Test. The Internal Test follows a similar methodology to the External Test, however the Foregenix team will make use of their specifically designed plug-computers to replicate an attack from within the client's network.

Web Application Testing - Through our extensive experience conducting forensic investigations and penetration tests, our findings regularly confirm that a large majority of compromises occur through unsecured web applications available via the internet. Based on these findings, Foregenix delivers comprehensive services surrounding testing and securing these web applications. These range from initial risk assessments through to proactively protecting the application layer, either with or without user credentials.

Wireless Penetration Testing - By using proprietary technology developed by Foregenix, the team are able to carry out internal testing for retail and banking clients on a widespread basis. It also allows the team to conduct thorough wireless security testing to ensure that existing wireless networks are secure, and that there are not any rogue wireless networks within the client's business.