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If you suspect that you may have intruders within your business systems, taking the right steps - quickly - is critical to limit damage.

Our Digital Forensics and Incident Response team is one of the most experienced and talented in the industry, globally. Our incident response service is quick and discreet, and we can get into action with minimal disruption to your business.


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How do we work?


We’re available 24/7 with a team distributed around the world, ready to assist a business in need.


We understand pressure, Incident Response and Digital Forensics with over ten years in the field.


We utilise our Serengeti technology to gain forensic-level visibility into the environment, enabling us to quickly identify the threat and take action to protect our client’s business systems.


We work discreetly, with your long term business success in mind. Most of our IR clients remain our clients for our Proactive IR, penetration testing and other related services.


We provide guidance to organisations on how to structure and test their incident response plans. We help to write the plans, test them and ensure that the client has the best possible plan ready for action, if the need arises.



We’re specialists in helping businesses to quickly regain control of their systems, to understand what happened and prevent further intrusion. We use our technology and experience to carry out our incident response service quickly and with minimal disruption to the business. We also use our technology to protect the client during the service - and for a period of time afterwards - as the criminals will often try to break back in.

Our experience, technology and capabilities will give you what you need to rapidly bring the situation under control.

What makes us different in a crowded market?

Firstly, our team.

We have been carrying out Incident Response services for over a decade and our mission is to protect our clients, while assisting them through this challenging phase of their business cycle. Our team and business are global and diverse. No job is too big - or too small - for us. We have the skills, capability, experience and capacity to quickly assist you. Digital security is in our DNA and we love being able to help other businesses defend against the criminals targeting them.
Secondly - we go the extra mile for our clients - helping them to get their business back on track quickly and securely.


Serengeti and FGX-Web work in tandem to provide you with rapid detection of threats, instant analysis and ongoing protection of your systems. You can get your ‘potentially’ compromising situation under control quickly – and get back to running your business.


Serengeti is our flagship threat hunting solution designed to seek and mitigate malicious activity. Including:

• Advanced Endpoint Security
• Rapid threat detection and containment
• Leading research team to help you defend against threats
• Operational system compliance and health reporting
• Fully Managed Detection and Response service


FGX-Web is website security designed to build security into the foundations of your website. Including:

• Advanced Web Application Firewall
• Malware scanning
• Cardholder data scans
• File change monitoring
• Portal access - manage alerts and upgrade your package at any time
• Add-on our Threat Intelligence Team to manage your alerts for you

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World-Class Incident Response & Containment Service

Our analysts are some of the best in the industry; capitalise on our experience and expertise, technology and capabilities to detect any vulnerabilities and prepare for a rapid response and incident containment.

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