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Incident Response Planning

Incident response planningTime is of the essence

• Custom service to fit your business
• Access to an experienced team
• Cutting edge security technology
• Build a plan allowing you to respond rapidly


Personally tailored service

Our experts are some of the best in the industry; capitalise on our experience, technology and capabilities to prepare for rapid response and incident containment.

We tailor our service to meet the specific needs of your company. Just like businesses, no two Incident Response plans are the same. You can rely on us to provide you with a custom-made response plan to put you in the best position possible to respond to an attack. 

Dealing with an incident is a challenging, high-pressure situation. This is why our team is one of the best Incident Response teams globally - and why we should be helping you to protect your business:

  • Experience - with >1,000 IR engagements/Security Assessments globally.
  • Clients ranging from Central Banks through to small eCommerce businesses.  



tailored incident response service

Our team

We are one of the leading digital forensics teams globally. With over a decade in digital forensic investigation experience, we have the skills, experience and capacity to help you rapidly and discretely.

When your business is compromised, time is of the essence. Foregenix Incident Response Service makes us an extension of your security team – we help you prepare for and enable rapid response and incident containment. Our experience, technology and capabilities will give you what you need to rapidly bring the situation under control.

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Our technology

Serengeti and FGX-Web work in tandem to provide you with rapid detection of threats, instant analysis and on-going protection of your systems. You can get your potentially compromising situation under control quickly – and get back to running your business.



Serengeti is our flagship threat hunting solution designed to seek and mitigate malicious activity. 
  • Industry leading End Point Security technology
  • Rapid threat detection & containment 
  • Leading research team to defend against threats
  • Operational system compliance & health reporting
  • A fully managed Detection and Response service

 serengeti managed detection response


FGX-Web is our website security solution designed to build security into the foundations of your website. The tool comes with:
  • An advanced Web Application Firewall
  • Malware scanning
  • Cardholder data scans
  • File change monitoring
  • Website security specialists to call for help
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