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Benjamin Hosack

Magento Malware Scanner

15/09/15 15:29

If you run a Magento website, you need to take steps to protect your online business now.

The Foregenix forensic team has been seeing escalating numbers of websites built on Magento being compromised and losing clients data, such as:
• Personal Data
• Payment card data
• Account credentials

Magento Malware Attacks

Magento Malware AlertOften the attacks can be stopped or identified quickly if appropriate cyber security - protection and monitoring - is in place (see Rapid detection can help to minimise the effect of being hacked; however, we’re finding that a considerable number of websites are operating without decent security in place and subsequently are being hacked and compromised without knowing until the damage is done.

This can have severe implications for a business, with Visa and MasterCard fines, the Data Commissioner fines (in the UK) and of course, losing your hard-earned reputation by losing all your client data.

Magento Malware Scanner - Free

Foregenix have created a free Magento scanner for website owners and website developers to scan their websites for externally visible Magento Malware, or known Magento issues. 

Externally Scan Your Website Now


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