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Creditcall Achieves PCI P2PE Certification for ChipDNA

Creditcall-LogoLine-Purple-2.5cm.pngWith 2015 drawing to a close and many businesses seeing their payment card transaction volumes growing with the festive holidays approaching, it is with great pleasure that we can congratulate Creditcall on achieving PCI P2PE compliance for the ChipDNA solution. With a PCI P2PE compliant ChipDNA solution, Creditcall clients will be able to focus on their business knowing that their Creditcall’s ChipDNA solution is taking care of the security of their transactions.

As of this morning (15th December 2015), there are:

The great news with each new compliant solution and application, the PCI P2PE message is growing and the benefits of the certification are beginning to filter through to the merchants who are now able to buy an off-the-shelf payment solution that ensures that their payment card data is protected to an exceedingly high industry level - and have been independently validated to a detailed and highly challenging standard.

Congratulations to those organisations that have achieved certification of their PCI P2PE solutions and applications – we certainly understand the effort and investment required to do so and commend you.

Please reach out to us if you would like further information relating to our consultancy and certification services.

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