Website security has never been more important.

We have the skills and technology to defend against criminals - and we're committed to helping as many eCommerce businesses as possible.

We’re offering you Peace of Mind.

This includes a FREE 3 month licence to use our fully comprehensive website security monitoring and alerting solution, supported by our 24/7 Threat Intelligence Group to help you to defend your online business.

Quick and effortless - and without a need to know anything about cybersecurity. Zero risk - you can cancel at any time.





We deliver Peace of Mind to our clients. A free and quick assisted setup, powerful technology, a skilled team to protect your business and an amazing customer support team that's there when you need it.

Website monitoring - full features of FGX-Web Alert, including the latest threat research from our Threat Intelligence Group.

Advanced Threat Detection capability - the most comprehensive eCommerce-targeting malware available. Constantly updated as new threats are identified by our team.

Alerts - we'll alert you when a threat or vulnerability is found and needs attention.

Managed Service - Our Threat Intelligence Group becomes your team, managing and responding to online threats to your business.

Breach Protection Warranty - £10,000 to cover any PCI Forensics costs associated with a breach of payment data. Terms apply.

How does this licence work?


We are providing a FREE 3 month licence to use our FGX-Web Alert technology for any eCommerce website needing help to defend their business.

Getting started takes 5-10 minutes and we're available to help you - just click on the little chat icon at the bottom right of the page. Once you're set up, there is nothing more for you to do - we take care of the monitoring and alerting.

During the 3 month period, all websites that enrol will be provided with a 24/7 website security monitoring and alerting service, supported by our Threat Intelligence Group.

Our team becomes YOUR team.


What happens at the end of the 3 months?


Firstly, there is no contract and no commitment required from you if you take up this 3 month licence. It's yours to use. You will have the following options at the end of the 3 month period:

  1. Continue with the service at a discounted rate.
  2. Downgrade to a cheaper or free service.
  3. Cancel your account.

Our goal is to help you; to prove the value of our skills and technology in helping you to be successful; and to build a long term partnership with you. But the decision will be yours entirely whether you want to continue or not.

We'll be in touch with you closer to the time to remind you of your options.


What will be the costs of continuing?


The solution typically costs £99/month or £990 upfront for a year. However, we are offering a discounted rate of £795 per year, or £89/month after the FREE 3 months.


Updated daily by our Threat Intelligence Group, our security solution will detect:

Card Harvesting Malware - the most comprehensive malware detection capability in the industry.

Patching Issues - if your website is missing patches - in particular, security patches.

Secure Set-up - if your website follows the best security practices.

SSL - to ensure your SSL certificate is up-to-date and issue-free.

Access Log Collection - to meet PCI DSS compliance requirements for your website security.

File Integrity Monitoring - identify which changes have been made to your website - a key requirement for PCI DSS compliance for your website.


Our FGX-Web solution works on most website frameworks/platforms and website technologies.  We add the most value to websites that are on:

  • • Magento
  • • Drupal
  • • Opencart
  • • OpenMage
  • • Joomla
  • • Wordpress
  • • PHP-based sites
  • • ASP.net sites

If you're not sure if we will be able to support your website, please get in touch for help.