GDPR And Your Business


There is no shortage of information on what GDPR is all about, however - in our opinion - there is a lack of practical guidance on services and solutions that will help your business achieve and maintain ongoing compliance with the requirements itself.   

Founded by a team who have worked in PCI DSS compliance from its inception, we understand the challenges that organisations face with looming deadlines and the threatened consequences of non compliance.

With no silver bullet and no one company delivering everything you need to be GDPR compliant, Foregenix believe our experience and that of our carefully curated partners offer a range of solutions and services which will deliver the pragmatic essentials to make a real difference when it comes to achieving and maintaining compliance with key GDPR requirements.    

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Our GDPR Technology Partners

In our field of cyber security, experience proves that businesses need practical guidance on solutions that make a real difference, are simple, easy to deploy and deliver discernible benefits without an additional layer of administrative complexity. What’s more, these solutions will serve to compliment any existing investment rather than offering a better version of what you may already have in place.



PII Data Discovery

groundlabs-logo.pngEnterprise Recon is a system developed by Groundlabs. It searches for known PII formats to identify, remediate and monitor sensitive information. It offers the ability for you to define your own custom formats and all findings are reported to a central console where you have the option to protect, quarantine or delete as required.

Ongoing monitoring of your environment with Enterprise Recon will ensure that any unprotected PII data is identified before it becomes a potential compliance risk to your business. 


Popcorn Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

popcorn-training-logo.pngGDPR requires universal awareness of what it is and why it is important. Every individual has a responsibility to ensure their role doesn’t contribute to leakage of PII. What’s more every individual is a potential victim of the consequences of cyber fraud which often results from the confidence tricks and deception methods that capitalise on misplaced PII.  Popcorn provide a range of security awareness training modules including one for GDPR which puts everything into context no matter what your role in an organisation. 



Incident Response

logo_canary@2x.pngCanary is a part of a new wave of deception technologies with a twist, or should we say a ‘chirp’. It’s a unique, simple and highly effective concept. Simple to set up, each Canary masquerades as a legitimate system on a network environment.

Acting as a ‘honey pot’, it ‘chirps’ upon any attempt to access the data it purports to store. With almost no false positives, any incident detected is indicative of an attempt to compromise sensitive data. 


Our GDPR Services Partners

Foregenix also works with a number of trusted partners and specialist consultants who maintain GDPR expertise in the following areas:

Legal GDPR


Business Process - GDPR

Business Process

Cyber Insurance and GDPR

Cyber Insurance


It’s time to take proactive measures to protect your customers. Avoid the massive financial and reputational cost to your business. Act today before it’s too late.