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MDR, which stands for Managed Detection & Response, is a an all-encompassing threat detection system, which arose from the need for small/medium sized organisations who lack resources to be able to monitor their network systems in-house. It provides a cost-effective alternative to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). Foregenix Managed Detection and Response Service enables 24x7x365 monitoring and notification, to detect and respond to threats, allowing your business to grow safely and securely.

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What does MDR do?
Everyday, the capabilities of attackers get more sophisticated and the volume of alerts become overwhelming and unmanageable. In-house teams might struggle to analyse and log data, which makes it harder than ever to determine if these threats are harmful. MDR can put a stop to attacks, before they even happen. MDR technology monitors your systems and detects any unusual behaviour, whilst our expert team responds to the threats detected within your business. Foregenix Managed Detection and Response provides key forensic telemetry on monitored systems, providing a detailed, near-real-time perspective of your cybersecurity health.

Pros of MDR:
MDR offers real-time threat intelligence, and is able to analyse behaviour which can be missed by traditional endpoint security technology. MDR also provides rapid identification of known threats, which in turn minimises overall attacks. Having remote incident investigation will minimise damage to your business, and will allow you to get back to work in no time. It’s important to note that using MDR services will allow third party access to your company's data. You need to consider working with a provider who understands and respects your data policy.

What to consider when choosing who's MDR service you go for
Not all companies offer the same services or technology. Be sure to understand your company’s size, needs and the tools your company already has to hand, and also what level of service you require. Be aware of GDPR, data protection, and be sure to partner up with somebody who has the same values.

Why Foregenix?
We work with both small and large businesses, and have successfully responded and contained thousands of incidents worldwide. We are international, and currently work across 20 countries including, South Africa, Australia, Germany and the US. We provide talented, trustworthy and experienced cybersecurity professionals to take care of your business security needs.


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