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Benjamin Hosack

Top 5 Questions about FGX-Web and Website Security

12/10/2015, 12:11

In our day-to-day deployments of FGX-Web Alert and FGX-Web Protect we often get questions from the website developers about the functionality and capabilities of FGX-Web. We’ve summarized the top 5 questions and answers for you:

Will FGX-Web guarantee that the website is safe?fgx-weblogo.png

There are two versions of FGX-Web – FGX-Web Alert and FGX-Web Protect. 

FGX-Web Alert will alert you when an attack is detected. It will not stop the attack – you need to take action based on the alert to defend your website.

FGX-Web Protect provides a "defence in depth" approach to website security, which will defend against 99.99% of all internet-based attacks.

Monitor your website log data (this is different from the Web Application Firewall log data – it’s a second set of security data that we monitor for you).

Monitor your website for changes – if an attacker launches a new attack that has never been seen before and evades our traffic threat filter, they will likely make changes to your website. We will see those changes and alert you.

Daily Malware Scans – once the attacker makes changes, they usually upload a webshell/siphon/malware to help them execute further attacks. Our daily checks will find these and alert you.

Cardholder data scans – PAN Scans find unprotected payment card data, which is usually another sign of an advanced attack against a website. We check for unprotected cardholder data daily and alert as soon as we find anything suspicious.

So, is your website safe with FGX-Web Protect – with our defence in depth approach, yes it is. You can be very sure that it is considerably more safe than not having FGX-Web Protect. 

If my site gets hacked, what assistance can get from you?

We provide our clients with unlimited support to remove malware and restore their online businesses to a secure position. If you are using FGX-Web and get hacked, call us for help – we are here to assist you.

If you are not yet using FGX-Web and have been hacked – we can help you too – the first thing we would do is get FGX-Web onto your website as it helps our forensic team to rapidly analyse and assist you.

Will FGX-Web Protect allow the website to scale on demand?

FGX-Web is designed to scale as quickly as our clients scale. FGX-Web is designed for small to medium businesses – the kind of businesses that are likely to see significant growth. We are ready to protect your business as you grow – that’s our strength as your partner.

Is FGX-Web Enterprise more appropriate for my business?

FGX-Web Enterprise is designed for medium to high volume websites that require a more customized service. If your business is growing rapidly and you’re looking for something that is a bit different from our standard FGX-Web Protect offering, then we’d look at a customized service for you and that would be called FGX-Web Enterprise. 

Are there any additional charges?

We charge a monthly fee or annual upfront fee – affordable and predictable. We do not tie our clients in to a long term contract either. The FGX-Web solutions are well defined and include unlimited support to clients. So, in short there are no additional charges.

If you have any further questions, please contact us or visit the FGX-Web website.

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