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New Services to Secure Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Foregenix is proud to announce the launch of its Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Security Practice. Building upon years of experience in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) helping organisations secure their people, processes and technology, and in response to constantly increasing cybersecurity attacks, Foregenix is once again extending its portfolio of services.

henwood8During the last nine years our company has been investing in developing its team of security experts, covering specialist areas like cryptography, penetration testing, forensics, security engineering, development and compliance consulting. Given our large fintech customer base, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers manage their cybersecurity risks and increase their resilience, particularly when it comes to blockchain technology, often poorly understood and a perfect target for attackers.” - Andrew Henwood, Foregenix’ CEO.

Foregenix is a global player with a remarkable reputation for top quality cybersecurity services. During the last few years the company has been providing ad-hoc services surrounding their compliance initiatives to support extensive source code reviews, encryption and key management analysis, and strategic consulting services on cybersecurity. In parallel, the Penetration Testing practice, in addition to network and application testing, is actively delivering testing across all types of hardware devices and software platforms. This includes social engineering and frequently identifying and then notifying vendors of zero days vulnerabilities. Foregenix is formalising these services under the umbrella of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Security Practice.

“Although it’s difficult to anticipate what lies ahead for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is a general consensus that the technology has won its place in the spotlight. As we continue to evolve digitally, a huge cybersecurity need is emerging on this space. At Foregenix we live and breathe innovation, and we have a solid commitment to respond to our customers needs. We are more than prepared to engage on the blockchain journey. Our security experts have been involved since the early days of the technology and its implementation, and we are fully equipped to cover all aspects of blockchain security” - Christian Charette, CRS Director.

Andrew Henwood, Foregenix’s CEO, has been named as an advisor to the boards of two Blockchain / Cryptocurrency startups: Bitfair and Bitcoin Origin.

For more information or to enquire about our new services, please contact blockchain@foregenix.com



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