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Foregenix is excited to be a part of the PCI SSC Latin America Forum. The LAF is an annual event where council staff and industry experts gather to share recent news and developments about the PCI DSS, technical and security updates, and ideas on how to improve security in the Payment Card Industry.

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As expected, this year the event will be virtual, which means the meetup, events and showcases will all take place online (you can register here).

Eager to share our knowledge as a GEAR member and compliance professionals, we will be providing helpful content on our services, answering any questions, and providing assistance in achieving compliance, including the new PCI SSF program; which we have been very involved in with its development, alongside the PCI SSC.

What you will learn

The Latin America Forum will be a vital source of information for Latin American merchants, especially with recent developments in the payment card industry in its entirety.

As an example, our biweekly Magento reports have shown that one of the most popular eCommerce platforms continues to grow in security risks, and this isn’t  unique to the platform, with both hacked websites and compliance requirements growing constantly. Many of these issues, we find, can be solved with information and knowledge.

Talking to, interacting with and learning from industry professionals will allow you to get a better understanding of any issues you may be having or may encounter within your organisation..

With the news, information, and advice this event will offer, we hope you will join us at the event.

If you have any questions but are unable to attend the Forum, please contact us at


Update: Due to technical errors, the PCI LAF was postponed.

Update 2: We have a new date. Join us on the 20th August 2020!

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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