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We are happy to announce that Foregenix has been re-invited to join the Global Executive Assessor Roundtable (GEAR) for another 3 years. We are proud to be one of the 28 participants on the executive committee level advisory board.

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What is GEAR?

GEAR serves as a direct channel of communication between senior leadership of QSACs (Qualified Security Assessor Companies) and the PCI SSC Board.

The PCI SSC leads a global, cross-industry effort to increase payment security by providing industry-driven, flexible and effective data security standards and programs that help businesses detect, mitigate and prevent cyberattacks and breaches.

As one of the 28 organisations on the roundtable, Foregenix will join in its efforts to secure payment systems globally. As strategic partners, roundtable members bring industry, geographical and technical insight to PCI SSC plans and projects on behalf of the assessor community.

PCI SSC Executive Director Lance J. Johnson comments, “The Global Executive Assessor Roundtable provides industry expertise and perspectives that influence and shape the development of PCI Security Standards and programs. We look forward to working with Foregenix in our efforts to help organisations secure payment data globally.”

'“We’re thrilled to be elected for GEAR again this year,” Christian Charette, COO at Foregenix says, “We are really looking forward to a busy few years of interactions with our colleagues at the GEAR, with the imminent release of many new version of the PCI programs and our experience, Foregenix will have a lot of insight to offer.”

PCI SSC SVP Operating Officer Mauro Lance says, “We need voices from across the assessor community to help ensure we are providing the best standards and programs to support the industry in protecting against today’s modern cybercriminal. We’re pleased to have Foregenix on the PCI SSC Global Executive Roundtable to provide critical insights and help us build on the great efforts that are already being done to increase payment security globally.”

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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