Eduardo Hotta

After an exciting growth period in 2017, we were able to officially launch Foregenix in Australia, extending our service delivery into the land down under and the APAC region. Following this milestone, we are very happy to announce that we will be further expanding our operations and opening Foregenix in São Paulo, Brazil!  

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(From left to right: Christian Charette – Director of CRS, German Riccardi – Business Manager, Guilherme Scheibe – Managing Consultant at the PCI SSC Latin America Forum in São Paulo, Brazil.)

Brazil was an attractive prospect for many reasons. Brazil’s financial industry is one of the most advanced in the world and being one of the very early adopters of payment and security technologies; it lined up with our aspirations and business culture.

Brazil is among the top ten biggest economies in the world (placed 9th, just below Italy and just above Canada) with a $1.8 trillion GDP. In Latin America, Brazil holds the position of the largest market and the home of most of the global companies that have businesses in the region.

However, it’s not all about the countries promising economic prospects. Opening up a local business means that we are able to work closer inside the local market, and communicate with customers relative to their own culture.

We have been able to build important relationships in Brazil since Foregenix' inception, enabling us to develop the foundations to open our business locally.  A big thanks to our clients within Brazil and the broader LATAM region for your support and trust - we appreciate it and will continue to invest in the region and our team to ensure that you remain at the centre of our focus and efforts to deliver the best cyber security services in the industry.  We are very optimistic for the future within the region!


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Eduardo Hotta

Eduardo Hotta is the Head of Marketing at Foregenix. He's passionate about sharing the best cybersecurity information to companies of all sizes, so they can protect themselves from threat actors.

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