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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Security

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• Blockchain Architecture Reviews
• Secure Code Reviews
• Infrastructure Penetration Testing
• Threat Modeling 
• Encryption and Key Management Audit


Secure blockchain-based solutions

Foregenix is now helping its customers design and implement secure blockchain-based solutions, with particular focus on cryptocurrencies.

Talk to us to understand how the most successful player on the PCI Point-to-Point Encryption industry can help your organisation achieve a strong security posture on a topic that many discuss but only a few understand. We support our customers with in-depth Blockchain Architecture Analysis, Key Management Strategy, Security Code Reviews of their implementations, Penetration Testing and many other collateral services.

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blockchain security

Andrew henwood CEO

We are uniquely positioned to help our customers manage their cybersecurity risks and increase their resilience, particularly when it comes to blockchain technology, often poorly understood and a perfect target for attackers.” - Andrew Henwood, Foregenix’ CEO

Balance between security and usability

Blockchain principles, and cryptocurrency in consequence, are simple concepts with particularly complex implementations. The interest raised by Blockchain and the skyrocketing success of the first cryptocurrencies have led many well-established organisations and startups to invest heavily in this technology.

Recent news around weaknesses, attacks and fraud demonstrate that a balance must be found between security and usability.


Security blockchain & crypto


Securing blockchain

Securing blockchain requires a mixed approach. There are many areas relevant to security, for example the actual source code of the blockchain implementation, the validation of the consensus mechanism and definition of its attack vectors, timestamp attacks, protection of the genesis block, potential for DDoS against the network, ransomware attacks against wallets, etc. There are also many variables affecting the vectors above which may differ, for example, depending if the blockchain network is considered permissionless or permissioned.

What can Foregenix do to help you?

Review your Blockchain architecture. A team of security experts from different fields will evaluate your proposed implementation within the context of your use case. Cryptographic principles, Key Management requirements, permission model, transaction flow, integrity, proposed APIs, and other aspects are reviewed and weaknesses reported and discussed in detail.

Implementation Review. The Foregenix Security Code Review service is executed, focused on the implementation of your blockchain and related services (i.e. consensus protocols, smart contracts, APIs, etc).

Infrastructure Validation. Several breaches seen so far are directly related to lack of IT Security controls on the supporting infrastructure. The Foregenix Penetration Team will thoroughly review the components supporting the blockchain ecosystem.



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