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A simple investment to secure your online business.




Why Website Health Check?

  • Everyday, we hear about another major data compromise – and eCommerce businesses are almost always the victims
  • According to MasterCard over 50% of hacked businesses that lose customer data are Magento websites
  • This led to a number of businesses losing clients and experiencing unpleasant legal issues.
  • Many businesses don’t discover that they’re hacked until at least six months later – when informed by their bank.


An excellent web designer is not always an excellent web security specialist - in fact finding someone who is a specialist in both areas is very rare.

Leading Magento agencies are partnering with Foregenix to provide specialist security skills which complement their design.


Benj - gravatar
Benj Hosack, Co-Founder
- A dedicated Threat Intelligence Analyst 
Your Threat Intelligence Analyst will search for major security issues and support you to fix any problems discovered. They will be available to you throughout the check, with regular calls to discuss your website's activity.
- One month of on-going website monitoring and analysis 
This will include several comprehensive vulnerability scans which will detect much more than a 'one-off' external scan, as well as extensive website monitoring and protection.
This will allow us to provide a longer-term, measured security check on your website.

What do we deliver?


Within 7 days:

  • A full Website Health Check Report, highlighting any major vulnerabilities and providing guidance to quickly and effectively mitigate them.
  • A call with your Threat Intelligence Analyst with initial remediation steps and actions.


Over the course of 30 days:

  • Weekly Website Security Reports, letting you know about any issues we discover including attempted attacks, data breaches, and malware problems.
  • When you need to defend your business, our industry leading Threat Intelligence Team is available to help deploy solutions fast.


What do we charge for this service?

We provide a specialist Website Health Check service, with market-leading website protection and monitoring for 30 days.

Supported throughout by one of the leading Threat Intelligence Teams - a team of security specialists.


All for a one off cost of £750.


A simple investment to secure your online business.




Schedule a consultation, find out more, or ask any questions you may have about Website Health Check.


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As the industry is seeing escalating levels of malicious attacks against eCommerce businesses, we decided to take the proactive step to partner with a world class, specialist security team to monitor and protect our clients.

Dave Wiltshire

Managing Director, Juno Media

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