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Serengeti Proactive Security

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Advanced cyber threat detection & prevention

• Industry leading End Point Security technology
• Rapid threat detection & containment
• Fully managed service with Incident Response included
• Leading research team to defend against threats
• Operational system compliance & health reporting


Advanced Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation

What we do

We developed Serengeti to help our forensic team to rapidly detect and mitigate active threats in an incident response situation - and the technology is highly effective.

Proactive.  Once deployed, over 90% of our clients have requested us to continue monitoring their critical business systems on a long term, proactive basis.

Serengeti enables the discovery, investigation and mitigation of advanced, elusive, malicious, threats quickly. This helps us to reduce the Mean Time To Detection and limit the threat exposure to our clients.

With the plethora of cyber solutions contributing to the “noise” that an organisation’s security analysts need to parse, Serengeti provides a “single view” of all applications, processes, network communications and critical telemetry within an organisation - enabling us to ignore the noise and focus on the stealthy, advanced persistent threat of a highly skilled, motivated, malicious intruder.

Foregenix Managed Serengeti Service Includes:


Serengeti - Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention Solution from Foregenix, deployed in over 300 businesses in more than 20 countries around the world.


Our team becomes YOUR team.

As one of the leading Digital Forensics and Incident Response teams globally, we have the skills to ensure you have an effective, proactive security monitoring solution protecting your critical business systems.

"With Serengeti our team’s ability to respond, understand and contain a security incident within our clients can be measured in minutes and hours."
– Andrew Bontoft, CTO Foregenix.


Cyber Threat Detection / Cyber Threat Hunting

Targeted, sophisticated attacks require a more active, focused approach to detection and protection.  Traditional security controls and monitoring like firewalls, IDS, SIEM solutions, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware end point solutions are essential tools needed to protect an organisation.  The challenge to most cyber security teams is to identify the sophisticated, stealthy moves of a talented adversary in amongst the “noise" created by the day-to-day alerts/events that occur in a busy operational environment using the standard cyber security solutions.  Gaining a view of the bigger picture is challenging and close to impossible with disparate solutions all performing key point controls.
Serengeti enables and organisation to gain a detailed perspective on their cyber health utilising near-real-time telemetry on each monitored system - and a highly skilled Foregenix Threat Intelligence Team -  to detect threats that evade existing automated tools (such as Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, IDS etc). 
On Average

Reduce your Mean Time To Detect

When your business is under attack, you need to respond quickly to limit damage and exposure. Traditional IR and forensics can be slow and cumbersome because traditional technologies produce huge volumes of data – most of which has to be discarded. And of course you need the skills to understand what to look for and what to discard. Foregenix Managed Serengeti Service reduces the Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) threats, providing clarity, context and understanding quickly (in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks) of the threat in your business systems. Meaning you can RAPIDLY respond to incidents – and limit the resulting damage.

Indicators of Compromise

Serengeti provides near real-time telemetry on monitored systems enabling security teams to easily monitor compliance and security status as well as identify unusual processes, communications and system activity - “indicators of compromise”. A proactive view enables organisations to utilise Foregenix technology and team skills to extend their capability in, identifying attacks, reducing Mean Time To Detect and mitigate threats resulting in a considerably more secure business. 


Cyber Threat Detection / Cyber Threat Hunting with Serengeti

Serengeti is built to enable an organisation to rapidly detect, understand and mitigate the threat within their business systems.  While an organisation’s cyber security teams may have the local knowledge of an environment, they often do not have the capability to filter and prioritise big data sets, while exploring and analysing the relationships between datasets.  Serengeti combines a "Single Pane of Glass" visibility into the key telemetry across your business with scalability, analytics and visualisations that enable Threat Intelligence Analysts to rapidly detect advanced threats within the target systems.

Peace of Mind

Foregenix Incident Response Services

Dealing with an incident is a challenging, high-pressure situation. This is why our team is one of the best Incident Response teams globally - and why we should be helping you to protect your business:

  • Experience - with >1,000 IR engagements/Security Assessments globally.
  • Serengeti deployed in businesses across 20 countries.
  • Clients ranging from Central Banks through to small eCommerce businesses.  

We have the team, technology and experience to proactively monitor your business-critical systems to detect, analyse and contain advanced persistent threats RAPIDLY.

Learn more about our Incident Response Service.

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