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Serengeti Incident Response

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Advanced cyber threat detection & prevention

• Industry leading Incident Response technology
• Rapid threat detection & containment
• Managed and monitored by the Foregenix DFIR Team
• Leading research team to defend against threats
• Operational system compliance & health reporting

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Serengeti IR – Advanced cyber threat detection and protection

Incident Detection and Response

With security-savvy organisations, the discussion is no longer talk about “if” they get compromised – they now talk about “when” they get compromised. The requirement and focus is now therefore on rapid detection and containment.

Detecting an attack is challenging – even to the most organised security operations. With thousands of daily security alerts, the majority being false positives, the challenge is in picking up what is real and important - and being able to discard the “noise”. Most attacks go undetected for well over 6 months, allowing an attacker to cause real (and expensive) damage to an organisation long before their intrusion is picked up.

Identifying an event is a challenge to say the least. Investigating that event can take weeks and requires specialist skills – skills that are not necessarily available to the average organisation. Security professionals have never been in such demand – and there is a definite shortage of them in the market.

We support our clients with:

Our Team

We are one of the leading forensic teams globally. With over a decade in digital forensic investigation experience, our team have the skills, experience and capacity to help – rapidly and discretely.

Serengeti IR

Our Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention solution enables us to detect attacks with a much higher accuracy to support both your internal teams and our incident response team – which means you get the situation under control quicker.

"With Serengeti our team’s ability to respond, understand and contain a security incident in our clients can be measured in minutes and hours."
– Andrew Bontoft, CTO Foregenix.

On Average

Rapid Response

When your business is under attack, you need to respond quickly to limit damage and exposure. Traditional IR and forensics is unfortunately slow because traditional technologies produce huge volumes of data – most of which has to be discarded. And of course you need the skills to understand what to look for and what to discard. Foregenix First Responder services provide clarity, context and understanding quickly (in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks) of what’s happening on your business systems. Meaning you can RAPIDLY respond to incidents – and limit the resulting damage.


Foregenix First Responder Services

When you have an attacker inside your business, time is of the essence. Foregenix First Responder Services enable our team to become familiar with yours before you have an incident – we become an extension of your security team - to enable rapid response and incident containment. You have access to our experience, technology and capabilities to rapidly bring the situation under control. We will support your teams through all stages of the incident response – from detection through to clean up.

We use our Serengeti IR technology to hunt down and remove the attacker - to STOP the incident progressing.

Daily Telemetry

Serengeti Proactive Security

Serengeti provides daily telemetry on monitored systems enabling security teams to easily identify compliance and security status, unusual processes, communications and system activity - “indicators of compromise”. A proactive view enables organisations to utilise Foregenix technology and team skills to extend their capability in protecting their business. Find out more about Serengeti Proactive Security.

10 Min Setup

Serengeti Quick Start

Serengeti IR is simple to deploy and gets to work immediately. Guided by our professional team, you will be supported in implementing Serengeti in minutes - providing your Incident Response with immediate and detailed visibility into the threats present on your business systems.

Get in touch to discuss how Serengeti could help your organisation.

Peace of Mind

Foregenix Incident Response Services

Dealing with an incident is a challenging, high-pressure situation. Foregenix Incident Response Services provide you with the peace of mind that you are working with one of the best Incident Response teams globally, giving you access to the technical expertise and experience to investigate and contain an incident RAPIDLY.

Learn more about our Incident Response Service.

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