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We secure websites of all sizes, so you don't have to worry.

FGX-Web monitors and protects websites against the latest threats affecting online businesses - constantly updated by our forensic research from investigations of criminal activity, from simple hacks to sophisticated cyber attacks. 

We monitor 9.5 million worldwide. Start monitoring and protecting your website!

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Even better - we can do it all for you.


With our Managed Service, focus on what’s important for you. Close the next big deal, optimise your checkout pages or plan the next big marketing campaign, while we take care of your website security. We’re so confident on our security capabilities that we provide a breach warranty for extra peace of mind.




 Our Plans


FGX-Web Free

For small companies looking to take the first step in having a secure website


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FGX-Web Lite

For small companies looking to safeguard their website 

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FGX-Web Alert

If you're an eCommerce startup or have a small website, this is for you 

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FGX-Web Protect

If you have a busy website or are a larger eCommerce business

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How to get started:


1. Set FGX-Web up on your website in less than five minutes


2. FGX-Web uses our intelligence gathered from helping 1,000s of hacked websites to:

    Check your website for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) immediately

   Monitor your website 24/7 for threats, logging all changes and access

    Alerts you when anything suspicious is found


3. Add-on Security - choose our team of website security specialists
to monitor your FGX-Web security alerts

Worst case scenario - Has your website been hacked?

We’re the global specialists in helping hacked online businesses get secure again.

Get back control of your website and guidance on the challenges you’ll face with your bank and card brands.

If you have been hacked, get it touch right now! Every second counts. 

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FGX-Web Features 

We provide extensive capability that our customers can use to monitor and protect their online business - customised to your needs.


Malware Detection

FGX-Web utilises nearly 10 years of research into web-based malware. We use this experience as an industry-leading digital forensic team to detect advanced malware before they can hack your website and steal customer data.

Our solution has the most comprehensive detection capabilities for Magento-targeted malware, as well as cross-platform threats.  Typical malware detection includes Magecart attacks, form skimming attacks, JavaScript harvesters and many more.

Our scanners use indicators of Compromise (IoC) based on thousands of incident responses held globally by our team and provide 24/7 checks for the latest malware threats affecting businesses like yours.

And if you need help understanding the threat, support is included at no extra cost. 

Secure and FAST

FGX-Web offers a fully 24/7/365 protection managed Web Application Firewall - designed for your website - with advanced caching and site acceleration. Our Rapid Content Delivery Network ensures your website delivers content to your visitors fast while remaining secure.

The Web Application Firewall will protect:

  • Your website against web-based threats and hacker attacks - like SQL Injection and XSS attacks
  • Your login pages from criminal brute force attacks designed to crack your passwords
  • Against Remote File Inclusion attacks.


We’d all love a silver bullet solution to deal with security once and for all, unfortunately that doesn’t exist.  We believe FGX-Web to be the most comprehensive website security solution on the market, but there are areas of your website security that may rely on developers, third parties, hosting providers and others.

That’s why we include an annual breach warranty of £5,000 to £50,000  for every website we provide our protection service to. The warranty covers PCI related forensic costs associated with having a website breached and payment card data stolen.

Our FGX-Web Protect solution provides customised protection for websites as they scale and grow - and the FGX-Web Protect options are available as an upgrade from within your account.

Who is FGX-Web for?

Foregenix-Online-BusinessesOnline Businesses

Online businesses who want to mitigate risk to their website

Foregenix-Website-OwnersWebsite Owners

Website owners/managers looking for a customised protection solution




Teams who don't have website security as their core skill and want a team of specialists to monitor their websites for threats



Companies looking to focus on growing their business and partner with website security specialists to take care of their cybersecurity needs



Global Protection



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