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Detect. Respond. Defend.

Managed detection & responseCut through the noise with industry-leading technology.

• Detect and contain threats quickly
• Fully Managed Detection and Response - our team is your team.
• Advanced Detection Capabilities.
Incident Response skills and experience you can trust.

Detect and mitigate sophisticated attacks


detect sophisticated attacksModern cyber criminals are using more sophisticated and aggressive tools than ever before – and can cause expensive damage to organisations before being detected – if they’re detected at all.

With Foregenix' Managed Detection and Response Service, you can put a stop to these attacks before they ever occur – keeping you and your business safe. 


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How does it work?

managed detection & response


Many security organisations rely on a combination of people, process and technology to detect attackers. However, unless these solutions are finely tuned, maintained and managed by a team with the appropriate skills, they are unlikely to detect the subtle, covert activity of a skilled criminal moving through the business systems.

The Foregenix Managed Detection and Response Service enables you to:

  • Provide security orientated visibility of business critical assets in a single pane of glass.
  • Prevent advanced targeted attacks with early detection and skilled response. 
  • Enable business growth securely. 

The Foregenix Managed Detection and Response Service provides continuous monitoring and for over 1,000 businesses across more than 20 countries around the world.  

Cut through the noise


cut-through-noiseTargeted, sophisticated cyber attacks often go undetected. Why?


There are simply too many alerts produced in the daily operations of a business, resulting in an overwhelming volume of security log data to be analysed.


These attacks require sophisticated, focused, and proactive approaches to protection in order to see them – one not provided by average security solutions. Your organization needs a big-picture view of the situation.


Foregenix' Serengeti solution - a key component of the Managed Detection and Response Service - provides the big picture - as well as the detail - and cuts through the noise to focus on what is important and threatening to your business. 



Serengeti provides:

 see big data

  • Key forensic telemetry on monitored systems, providing a detailed, near-real-time perspective of your cyber security health.
  • The experience and skills of our Threat Intelligence Team to detect multi-stage attacks that typically evade detection by industry-standard cyber security solutions. 
With Serengeti’s “Single Pane of Glass” visibility and analytics capability, our team can quickly and easily explore and analyse massive data sets within your organisation to find threats faster than ever before.
Make Big Data Simple.

Detect attacks quickly


When cyber attackers hit, it is imperative to respond as quickly as possible to protect your sensitive data.

However, because many organisations are challenged with the Signal:Noise ratio, the average "dwell time" - the time between compromise and detection of the compromise - is 6 months. A lot of damage can take place during those 6 months.


Managed Detection and Response

  • Reduces your Mean Time to Detection, giving you the power - and capability - to act fast
  • Gives you clarity, context, and understanding in minutes and hours – not days and weeks
  • Provides you with Unlimited Incident Response on all monitored systems.



"With Serengeti our team’s ability to respond, understand and contain a security incident within our clients environment can be measured in minutes and hours."

– Andrew Bontoft, CTO Foregenix.

Our team becomes your team

As one of the world’s leading digital forensics and incident response organisations, we provide you and your team with the advanced, proactive security you need to stay ahead of malicious attackers of all kinds.


Why Foregenix? 

Incident response is never easy. That’s why you need a talented, experienced, and trusted team to become part of yours. Foregenix:

  • Successfully responded and contained over 1,000 incidents worldwide
  • Deployed Serengeti across businesses in over 20 countries
  • Works with clients of all sizes, ranging from small eCommerce companies to major banks

If you need proactive, thoughtful monitoring, analysis, and containment of sophisticated cyber threats for your business-critical systems, click here to learn more about our Incident Response Service and schedule a no-commitment consultation.  

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