Cyberattacks Can Devastate Your Business - and Timing is Everything.


Threat Detection

Serengeti Cyber Threat Detection Solution & Canary 'honeypots' are your organisation’s “immune system,” monitoring and analysing your endpoints, users, and network activity to identify potential threats in minutes.


Expert Investigation

Our team becomes your threat intelligence team. Using our tools, knowledge and expertise, we investigate any issues, eliminate false positives, and act quickly when we discover serious threats.


Rapid Incident Response

We provide you with detailed context as well as actionable steps on a regular basis, giving you the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to solve, mitigate, and contain cyberattacks and data breaches.                                            

Some of the world’s largest organisations - such as Yahoo, Target, Talk Talk, the NHS and many others - have failed to protect themselves from cyberattacks, malware and ransomware. To make matters worse, many organisations don’t discover data breaches until six months later – by which time it is almost always too late to protect sensitive data.

Cybercrime incidents like these lead to...

- Lost customers
- Reduced investor confidence
- Costly legal battles7caoqAqgi-2-1.png

- Months of negative publicity



...These are serious consequences. However, with the right tools, you can:

check copy-1.png- Identify serious threats within                  minutes
- Respond quickly
- Mitigate situations before they                become national news


Why Foregenix?


With over 280 clients in over 20 countries, our industry-leading digital forensics and incident response team has performed over 1,000 security assessments globally for multi-national payments companies, regional central banks, and small ecommerce businesses. 

Foregenix’s Managed Threat Detection and Mitigation Service, powered by Serengeti, is designed to protect organisations like yours from cyberattacks – and can be up and running in just 10 minutes.


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