As a Visa Approved PCI PIN Security Assessor, Foregenix offers a professional and focused PCI PIN assessment service, utilising personnel with years of industry experience conducting such assessments. Our service is delivered across the CEMEA and Asia Pacific Regions.

With years of experience with PCI PIN (and additional PCI standards), we are able to offer our clients well-informed guidance and a well-supported path towards compliance with the PCI PIN standard.

As required by the PCI PIN Security Requirements we will carry out the following:

PCI PIN Onsite Assessment - the onsite assessment will include interviews with key personnel, as well as required testing/sampling as defined by the PCI PIN Security Requirements.

PCI PIN Security Report - this is produced offsite by the Foregenix consultant detailing the findings of the onsite assessment, the report is then passed to the Foregenix QA Service.

In addition, our unique QA Service reviews the content and findings of the report to ensure it is presented to the Card Schemes in its best possible form, thereby making sure that the compliance review process with the Card Schemes is as seamless as possible.

The Foregenix QA Service is delivered by a highly knowledgeable team who are very familiar with the Card Schemes and their specific requirements relating to the PCI PIN. This ensures that both our clients, and Foregenix, maintains compliance with the PCI PIN standard and the Card Schemes to the highest level.

For more information about our PCI PIN Services please contact or call us on +44 (0) 845 309 6232.