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Everyday there's another data compromise. Check the news, big breaches are happening all the time - and that's just the high profile ones. It's the smaller businesses that are getting hit the hardest by hackers; we see it day in and day out. Online criminals target websites operating a weak security infrastructure and exploit their vulnerabilities once identified. Why would they work hard to break into a big bank, when they could spend an hour hacking a small business? 

It really is that quick, we recently scanned over 200,000 Magento websites and found that 86% were running out of date software and could be hacked in under an hour. It's worth noting that most businesses don't realise they've been compromised until 6 months later (when notified by their bank). The result is big fines.

We deal with breached websites every single day and we often have clients that are confused. They believed their website security was being handled by their web-designer or hosting provider - but they were still breached. That's because more often than not; security was the merchants responsibility all along. You can read more about that here. 

Website Security Health Check

Our Website Security Health Check is designed to give you a good insight into your websites security posture. It allows you to discover where your vulnerabilities lie and whether or not you've already been compromised. It gives you a strong taste of a managed website security service without the ongoing commitment. 

It's one month of on-going  website monitoring and analysis. Including comprehensive vulnerability scans and extensive website monitoring and protection. You’ll also have access to a dedicated threat intelligence analyst who will search for security issues and support you to fix them. The analyst will be available to you throughout the check, with regular calls to discuss your website's activity.

Within 7 days you will receive:

  • A full Website Health Check Report, highlighting any major vulnerabilities and providing guidance to Website Security Health Check 2 | Foregenixquickly and effectively mitigate them.
  • A call with your Threat Intelligence Analyst with initial remediation steps and actions.

Over the course of 30 days you will receive:

  • Weekly Website Security Reports, letting you know about any issues we discover including attempted attacks, data breaches, and malware problems.
  • When you need to defend your business, our industry leading Threat Intelligence Team is available to help deploy solutions fast.

There are 5 steps to the website security health check

Step 1: An external scan. A threat intelligence analyst performs an in-depth assessment to find any potential security issues or signs that your website may be compromised.

Step 2: An internal scan. Using FGX-Web, our website security solution, we look for malicious files or malware that may be hosted on your website.

Step 3: Analysis and reports. Within one week, we send you a Website Security Health Check report documenting any and all findings, including malware alerts, suspicious traffic, vulnerabilities or inidicators of compromise.

Step 4: Resolution. Your dedicated threat intelligence analyst will help remove any malicious files found and show you how to keep your website secure.

Step 5: On-going care. We provide 30 days of our fully managed FGX-Web service, which includes an advanced web application firewall to filter out suspicious traffic. You also receive the full support of our threat intelligence team who review your security alerts every 4 hours.

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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