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Flyers printed, banners set up, scanners prepped, we are officially at Ecommerce Expo 2017! It’s our first year at the show and we’ve hit the road to bring cybersecurity to the only event in the UK that covers the entire breadth of ecommerce.

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Ecommerce Expo is a bespoke event based in London, set up with the intention of connecting buyers and suppliers of ecommerce technology and services. If you’re attending and would like to talk all things cyber security, you’ll find us at stand E195 under the Foregenix branding. We’ll be advising on threat detection, digital forensics, web security and more.

We’ve brought with us our expertise in the cybersecurity industry to help advise visitors and exhibitors on how we can help protect their online environments. We’ve been using our powerful external scanning technology to detect potential vulnerabilities and recommend solutions. If you’d like to find out how secure your website is, find us at the expo for a free opportunity to have your environment tested.

Ecommerce Expo boasts 150+ ecommerce suppliers, 5 theatres, 150+ speakers and 10+ confirmed keynote sessions. Since 2014 to 2016, attendance has risen from 4,751 to 7,536. With all of the buzz around this years show, you can expect these numbers to be even higher!  


The show allows the audience to explore the entire ecommerce customer journey, from acquiring to conversion, delivery to retention. We are unique in this aspect in that we offer protection for you and peace of mind for your customers.  

Benj Hosack, CCO and co-founder, is leading our division of cybersecurity experts into the fray.  

“I’m really excited to be representing Foregenix during our first appearance at this event. We are good at what we do and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our talents. We’re dedicated to keeping ecommerce environments protected from online threats and our commitment to the cause will be shining through during the two day expo!”  

We performed a security scan earlier this year on 60,000 websites using the Magento ecommerce platform. Magento is considered the most popular platform for online merchants. Our scanner showed that 78% of the websites were missing critical security patches, while 5% are confirmed to have payment card data harvesting malware stealing their customer details.  

If you’re wondering whether or not you need advice about keeping your website protected, it’s worth baring this in mind: 

In 2016, 3.1billion records were leaked, with half of UK businesses reporting a cyber-attack against their systems. Under the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) anyone who processes or handles customer card data is required to maintain that data securely. If you fail to remain PCI compliant and suffer a breach, you’re going to incur a potentially business killing fine.  

It’s not just PCI compliance however, with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on the horizon, keeping on top of web security has never been more important. In May 2018, GDPR is going to be providing a legal framework to help keep data safe.  

Whether you’re completely new to cybersecurity, or a website pro looking to bolster your online arsenal; our friendly and approachable team can help. Visit our stand to get some friendly advice and potentially help secure your environment.  

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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