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CITY OF GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - Web Ninja has signed a partnership agreement with Foregenix, one of the world's leading cyber security firms, with the aim to make threat detection and protection available to all their eCommerce customers regardless of size and resources.

First introduced in 2016, FGX-Web monitors over seven million sites and blocks millions of online attacks every month. It is aimed at generalist IT professionals and non-technical eCommerce business staff. Foregenix has updated its flagship FGX-Web solution to ensure even the smallest companies can detect external vulnerabilities on their websites with a free FGX-Web scan.

The Foregenix offering to all Web Ninja clients operates on 3 tiers; a free monthly scan, a daily scan and, at the top, real-time monitoring and alerting.

Raymond Simpson, APAC Managing Director at Foregenix, comments: ‘The strength of FGX-Web comes from our Threat Intelligence Group, which is continually monitoring for malicious activity. They are second to none in understanding the evolving threat landscape, and that knowledge is essential in making FGX-Web effective at preventing damage and loss.’

Bruce Carr, Director at Web Ninja, said: ‘FGX-Web meets a real need for businesses which don’t have dedicated cyber security personnel but want the best available protection from cyber criminals within their budgets. It’s easy to set-up and business directors can change the level of the solution as they want.’

Companies can check their website risk level for free at


About Web Ninja

Web Ninja is an e-commerce provider to over 1000 businesses across Australasia who use their platform to succeed online. Their clients’ websites should be a place that their customers love to order from!

Their unique integration to Accounting Software Vendors enables clients to offer their customers integrated online ordering, with exceptional convenience (and they also make them look pretty!)

With over $300M in sales (2019) via a range of payment gateways (Ninjapay, Zippay, Paypal, Stripe etc) security is paramount. We choose Foregenix as our cyber security partner for Penetration Testing of our platform and Scanning protection for our Customers. For more information visit:

About Foregenix

Foregenix is a leading independent cyber security company with a long history in keeping the world’s payment systems secure. With a decade of experience in the Payment Card Industry (PCI), it helps merchants, payment processors, banks and other operators to ensure they are securing their environments effectively while complying with industry security standards.

Foregenix works with clients in the Fintech, retail, e-commerce, hospitality, travel and insurance sectors, as well as banks and governments globally. Its specialists are drawn from backgrounds including law enforcement, counterterrorism and digital security.

Foregenix is headquartered in Wiltshire, UK and has offices in Australia, Singapore, USA, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and Uruguay. Its consultancy teams operate in more than 15 countries.

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