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We’re proud to announce our partnership with Unisys Corporation to offer the Unisys Stealth suite of security solutions and services to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

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What is Stealth?

Stealth provides organisations with "Always On" security by establishing a software-defined perimeter that creates a Zero Trust environment.

Stealth reduces attack surfaces by creating dynamic, identity-driven microsegments called Communities of Interest, separating trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. Encryption between endpoints cloaks assets from unauthorised users, while Dynamic Isolation capabilities quickly isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise.

Stealth was recently recertified by the U.S. National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), which is recognised by governments in 31 countries worldwide -- including Australia and New Zealand -- to protect critical data in national security systems.

Rick Mayhew, Vice President and General Manager of Unisys Asia Pacific said: "With their expertise in cybersecurity risk and governance, Foregenix sees the need to reduce organisations' reliance on traditional VPN's and firewalls as they fail to secure and scale at levels needed for today's business model. Adding Unisys Stealth to their arsenal, Foregenix will more easily enable their customers to achieve compliance while reducing cost and complexity."

Foregenix Asia Pacific Managing Director Raymond Simpson says "Companies may look to network segmentation when trying to minimise scope and risk, in meeting certain compliance regimes (e.g. PCI DSS). However, most companies we consult for have great challenges with network segmentation, due to the significant cost, time and effort that goes into such changes. We encourage any organisation that is trying to leverage microsegmentation technology to minimise their compliance scope, and increase security, to seriously look at Stealth."

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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