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eCommerce websites are being targeted with increasing intensity by criminals - insecurely configured sites with outdated technology are easy targets, the low hanging fruit in the industry.

ThreatView is a website security scanner, a website threat and risk monitoring solution - built using the combined experience of our Forensic Team (who assist hacked businesses daily), Threat Intelligence Group and from monitoring the security status of over 11 million sites for the last several years.

Our mission is to make cyber space safer for everyone and one of the best ways we can do that is by providing a free community resource that combines all of our forensic and threat intelligence capability to monitor the security status of eCommerce sites around the world.

Welcome to ThreatView.

ThreatView has taken all of our learnings over the last several years through:

  • Digital forensics in assisting countless hacked websites regain control of their online businesses from criminals.
  • Regularly scanning over 11.5 million websites every fortnight, enabling us to track data compromise trends and assist the community with understanding what threats to look out for, how to secure their sites and what to do when compromised.
  • Feedback from our clients and forensic team on what website security data points are critical.

What is ThreatView and why is it replacing WebScan?

ThreatView helps eCommerce businesses to proactively assess and monitor their online business risk. It does this by assessing the website and associated digital footprint, reporting on critical security metrics, such as:

  • Threats detected (malware).
  • Website security status - application security, encryption, site reputation, data analytics and Third Party Script monitoring.
  • Digital footprint risk assessment - email security, DNS security.
  • Historical timeline - how has your website's risk changed over time.
  • Industry comparisons - how your website’s security (and risk) compares with the industry.

ThreatView provides a comprehensive security assessment of an online business and enables eCommerce businesses to proactively manage and monitor their risk.

ThreatView - website security scanner. Anti-malware scanner, website malware scanner, website security assessment.

How do we keep ThreatView PROACTIVE?

ThreatView is supported by our forensic and threat intelligence groups - we have one of the most active digital forensic teams globally. We are led to believe that we assist more hacked eCommerce businesses with incident response and forensic services than any other business globally, which provides our team with a wealth of data on the latest attack methods and malware being used to compromise online businesses - we detect these issues at the very early stages of their lifecycle - before they become a trend - and long before they get picked up by large security players (Symantec, McAfee, Norton and so on), Google etc.

Every new piece of malware or vulnerability that we find in our forensic investigations is immediately "fingerprinted" so that we are able to detect the threat and protect our clients at scale around the world.

In addition to the “intel” from our forensic cases, our team monitors industry data sources to ensure that any new malware that may be detected outside of the forensic cases is also “fingerprinted” and added to our threat database.

ThreatView is arguably one of the most comprehensive risk assessment solutions available for eCommerce businesses globally - due to our focus and capability - and we are launching it today with a FREE Community tier, providing website owners with proactive security and risk management.


Who is ThreatView for?

ThreatView is designed to assist eCommerce businesses and agencies with the ability to proactively monitor their website security and risk.

Whether your website is built on Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, Shopware, Shopify or even a custom built site, ThreatView will deliver value to your organisation in understanding what your eCommerce security risk is - as well as it's associated digital footprint.

ThreatView can be used simply as a website security scanner - as many WebScan users are have become accustomed to - but also provides a lot more detailed information on the overall risk posture of the website.

In our experience, we believe it is a critical piece of the puzzle in managing the cyber security risk for an eCommerce business.

How does an eCommerce business, or an agency, use ThreatView?

It is simple to use. And Free.

Visit to create an account and immediately carry out a risk assessment on your website.

You will be able to sign up to our Free "Community" service tier, which will provide you with a free, automated, monthly risk assessment on your website. You will also have the ability to run adhoc scans between the monthly recurring scans.

ThreatView Proactive Wesbite Security-1It is also possible to have multiple users within the account - your devs, agency, marketing manager, website manager, you and anyone else you wish to have access. All for free.

Sign up here and get proactive with your website security and risk monitoring.

Why do we ask that you create an account?

With the great amount of security information available in each website's risk assessment, comes great responsibility to make sure that the solution is being used by legitimate website owners and/or their agencies. We want to reduce the likelihood of criminals using our solution to identify vulnerable websites to target for fraud.  One of the best ways to do so is to create a verified user account to assess a website's security.

Our commitment to you will be to provide you with the latest threat and risk detection capability. Your account email will only be used to communicate with you about ThreatView and your website's security status. We WILL NOT provide/sell your contact info to any other organisation. Ever. We are security professionals and privacy is core to our DNA - you have our commitment to look after your data as we would wish our personal data to be looked after.

Proactive, simple to use, nothing to install.  

Welcome to ThreatView.


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