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The All New FGX-Web!

Initially, FGX-Web was created to aid our Forensic Analysts in conducting investigations following a data breach. Since then, we’ve developed and grown it into an enterprise solution which protects thousands of eCommerce organisations across the globe, blocking millions of online attacks each month. We assist organisations globally who require a website security solution that is affordable as well as being user-friendly for everyone, from generalist IT professionals to eCommerce business staff.

Now, we have added some exciting new features that will help eCommerce websites of any size become more secure.

Our updated FGX-Web plans offer everything from a new free version, which detects external vulnerabilities, to the threat detection and protection plan, FGX-Web Protect, which includes our Web Application Firewall (WAF), internal and external threat monitoring, automated alerts and the scalability needed by growing eCommerce websites with high transaction volumes.

New FGX-Web plans

Our plans were created based on customers needs and their security awareness stages. Smaller eCommerce shops can sign-up for the free plan to receive monthly reports on their website's security risk. As these shops grow and become more proactive about security, they can upgrade to FGX-Web Lite where they have access to our portal and benefit from our Merchant Breach Protection warranty. For better security, FGX-Web Alert adds the benefit of threat monitoring and automated alerts. Finally, to be as protected as you can, FGX-Web Protect includes our WAF, which blocks 99% of all online attacks. Our customers can also have another layer of protection through our Managed Service add-on, where our team of elite website security specialists monitors your portal for you, raising only the most high-risk and genuine threats to the top and advising on how to mitigate them. 

Click below to see our FGX-Web Matrix- This explains all plans and costs in more detail. 

FGX-Web Matrix 

Merchant Breach Protection

We're so confident that FGX-Web will help you have a more secure website that we have included a warranty to all plans, excluding the free plan. This means if a website on FGX-Web Lite gets breached, they'll have £2,500 to cover their PFI fees. The warranty can go up to £100,000 on the FGX-Web Protect Enterprise plan (dependable on contract).

Add and Upgrade sites

Now it's easier than ever to add a new site or upgrade your site to a higher plan. You can do it from the portal and in less than 5 clicks, you're done!

Threat Intelligence Group

We need to mention our Threat Intelligence Group (TIG) as they're essential to FGX-Web being such a sophisticated website security product. As Benj Hosack, our Co-Founder, says: "The strength of FGX-Web comes from our Threat Intelligence Group who are continually monitoring the front-line for emerging threats. They are second-to-none in their understanding of the evolving threat landscape and that knowledge is essential in making FGX-Web special.”

Want to know more? Visit our FGX-Web page and start securing your website today.