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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Website Security

Let’s say that someone approaches you on the street one day.

They point to a busy shop across the street, and they say to you, “That’s my store, and we’re having our best year ever!”

The shop is full of excited people. You step back outside, and the shopkeeper asks you a question: “What do you think I need to do to keep this place safe?”

You tell them to install new locks on the doors, an alarm that will call the police if someone tries to break in, a CCTV system so you can see what’s happening even when you’re away from the shop, and a safe to store your cash in.

On the way home, you ask yourself, “How am I keeping my online business safe?”

You’re selling products, your payment system works well, and your marketing is showing returns. It’s all going to plan. 

However, if you aren’t already, you need to be thinking seriously about security.

Many web developers and online business owners understand the basics of website security, but few actually have a plan in place in the event of a cyberattack or compromise – and the consequences can be severe.

Without appropriate insurance, you may find yourself with serious investigation costs, and having customer data stolen can create major liability problems. 

To make matters worse, many online businesses don’t find out that they have been hacked until they learn from their bank, many months later, that they are under investigation for fraud.

Because online security is such a complex issue for startups and smaller online business owners, Foregenix has built a Website Health Check Service; a simple, yet comprehensive security and monitoring suite backed by an industry-leading Threat Intelligence Team in the event of an attack.

The Website Health Check is powered by FGX-Web, which provides your website with a firewall, secured pages with faster load times, malware scans, customer protection, and routine monitoring to look for any possible signs of intrusion. 

We take care of your cybersecurity – and make it easy for you to focus on growing your online business.


Guided Website Threat Review