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Swedbank Pay is an omni-channel payment provider in the Nordics. Fun fact: Swedbank Pay makes up a massive 65% of Swedish payments.

For Mihnea Raducan, Product Manager for the PAX-Android platform, this was his first experience with P2PE certification.


“I started six months ago as Product Manager, and P2PE compliant payment application was chosen to secure a future proof solution. Foregenix was recommended as the QSA company to hire for this project.”


What we offered

On top of a P2PE certification, Swedbank Pay also required penetration testing on their new service. Mihnea contacted us shortly after taking over responsibilities, and both our teams were quick to exchange ideas, requirements, and to build an action plan.


Foregenix has been working closely with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) shortly after its inception in 2004. Thanks to this, we were the first assessor in the world to be accredited by the PCI SSC to assess payment applications against its Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standards, developing a methodology which aims to help our clients achieve PCI Compliance quickly and efficiently.


“The process with Foregenix has been a lot easier than I expected, you always have the idea that P2PE is complex and takes a long time, but, from my experience, it has been smooth, and it helped a lot having knowledgeable people on your team. They’ve done a wonderful job with requirements, documentation and validation for penetration testing and the whole P2PE approval process.”


How it helped

Mihnea was very happy with the clear communication between both teams, and noticed, early on, a visible improvement to productivity.


“Foregenix has made us keep the time-plan as expected and the cost to provide the product on time. From my perspective Foregenix was the right choice to work with, since they have the experience, from previous project performed for other companies they’re worked with, and the results show this.”


Happy with our certification process, he noted that Swedbank Pay would like to work together with Foregenix on future projects for the PAX-Android platform.


If you would like to learn more about Swedbank Pay, and their payment services, visit them on their website at


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Kieran Murphy
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