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iKhohka began working with Foregenix in 2013, after needing an accreditation done on their services; predominantly meeting Payments Council International Data Security (PCI DSS) compliance. We had a chat with Dr Clive Putman, Head of Strategic Projects at iKhokha, to discuss what it has been like working with Foregenix over this time. Co-founder and, initially, Technical Director, he has seen the company grow into a major presence in the South Africa region.

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We learned that Khokha is Zulu for ‘pay’, but who is iKhokha?


Formed in 2012, iKhokha firmly believes in supporting entrepreneurship; offering card machines, payment software and vending services with a customer-centric approach. It’s clear they take pride in their country of South Africa, and ensure that they provide the best tools to support businesses in their community.


 “We started in an industry initially known short for Mobile point of sale or mPOS, but over time, as we have developed innovative financial products that support our payment ecosystem, we have become a fully fledged Fintech operation.”


What we offered

Along with needing accreditation, iKhokha also required qualification on their PIN center. Clive told us, “In terms of the background of Foregenix, their experience and the range of services they could provide made them seem like the right company to work with. We’ve had a good relationship ever since.”


Foregenix is a PCI Qualified PIN Assessor that offers accreditations to companies around the world. These assessments allow a company to be PCI compliant on PIN Security Requirements, once accredited.


"The assessors that we've worked with have always had the attitude of trying to help us. It's the attitude that I've enjoyed. It's definitely one of ‘we want to see you get through this", said Clive.


How it helped

Clive told us that Foregenix had had a noticeable improvement on accreditation efficiencies .

“I’ve always enjoyed the way in which Foregenix has worked with us by having a process called Gap Analysis. It’s always shortened the accreditation time period because we’ve been able to look at things that maybe need fixing or improving on; whatever’s needed to get through the accreditation process seamlessly, before going through full assessment.”


With all that in mind, Foregenix and iKhokha will work together for the foreseeable future, with noticeable improvements being noted by Clive and his team, known as the iKtribe. If you would like to learn more about iKhokha and their Fintech services, visit them on their website at


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Kieran Murphy
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