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Popcorn Online Training – Foregenix Partnership

How do you make your organisation's security awareness training fun, engaging and effective? 

Foregenix has partnered with Popcorn training - a market challenger in Gartner's Magic Quadrant to deliver highly effective, fun, engaging and scalable security awareness training for businesses globally.

Online Cyber Security Training

We have suffered death by PowerPoint many times and wondered why training sessions are most often preceded with an eye roll and a sigh. Popcorn Training wanted to create something that would make complex subjects simple, entertaining and most importantly, easy to remember. The team has 32 years’ combined experience, with qualifications in Security and Governance, Information Technology, Business Process Analysis, Training, Corporate Communications, Psychology, Change Management and Marketing. Popcorn’s broad spectrum of skills allows them to benefit from synergies resulting in the translation of complex subjects into relevant, simple and fun training material.

Popcorn has created a series of episodes that are highly engaging, easy to understand and memorable. The content is story-based training with real examples covering current issues experienced every day. The offering comprises of either animated video content or a real life cast production that can be customised to the customer’s requirement.


The courses cover security best practices and elements recommended by security frameworks and standards such as the ISO 27001 and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Key messages are provided through the video content and reinforced by quiz questions and accompanying material such as comic strips and articles. User’s understanding of the most important points is measured through a short quiz summary at the end of each module.


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